Thursday, October 1, 2015

After the Wedding

And this is why these days I use Instagram. Dear friends. I just wrote a heartfelt post about the last few months. Mainly to tell you all about the beautiful family wedding for my son. I really put my heart into that post, describing the details, the special moments. It was all saved and ready to publish and then Blogger lost all the words. Every single one. Maybe I am not meant to blog. So here are some of the pictures, at least it saved those. They are not of the wedding day itself just some of the days around it. I left photographing the wedding to the professional and will send those I have connected with via my blog a link to her website as soon as she blogs it. But here's some pics starting off with my one of my beautiful girls who lived out her dream to be a flower girl and some of the details.

Handmade flower crowns (made by me)

Hand stenciled signs and table numbers

Fresh locally sourced flowers 

A Bible for the guestbook

Washing up the china - a marathon family affair

Two weeks later, preparing for another party!

My daughter on her 18th birthday

Home learning continues - nature study books

And baking happens every day. This is a paleo cheesecake 

So sorry I do't have more to share but I can't afford another hour. Anyone want to join me on Instagram send me an email and I'll let you know how to find me. Will I give Blogger another chance? Maybe I will just blog in photos.

Until next time,


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