Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter at Eden

Easter has been celebrated and just like Christmas it will continue to be celebrated in my heart every day.

The picture above shows a few of the decorations I used for our table over Easter. Perfumed roses purchased at the Farmers' Markets for my lovely Sadler tea pot. The Sadler tea pot that I bought at the markets minus its lid to use as a vase. I'm now actively looking out for a lid as I found out that a Sadler teapot identical to mine with its lid of course sold for over $700 on Ebay recently! What! Now the question is, if I came across the lid would I sell it? I dearly love it now and it would be hard to part with it.

 I bought a few surprise gifts for the younger children that were non-edible. A sweet baby rabbit for my youngest boy who loves animals and this one will not be stalked by our pussy cat or attract the pythons! Some lovely fabric covered eggs for the twins and a set of Easter cotton tea towels which were used to wrap their chocolate bars in. They worked out long ago that chocolate bars represent much better value than chocolate eggs but they were delighted to receive a few extra 'pretties' which could be the start of a collection. I have lots of Christmas decorations but very few Easter ones. It was lovely to find some more nature inspired gifts rather than the usual novelty ones. No, the Easter bunny did not visit our house but we always give our children gifts to remind us all that we are celebrating the new life that we have been given through the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our church was full to overflowing on Easter Sunday morning and the praise and worship just about lifted the roof with so many joyful anthems and songs of  victory. Quite a number of people came forward to commit their lives to Jesus at the close of the service.

 After church we visited a friend's house for lunch. He had organized an Easter egg hunt and hidden chocolate eggs in his garden. The farm girl decided she wasn't missing out on the opportunity to add to her chocolate stash and was first off the mark. Then we heard her calling out those familiar words 'Snake! Snake! I dashed outside thinking our friend who has a wicked sense of humour had tucked a rubber snake in the bush together with a few eggs but no, it was a real live snake and the farm girl had just stepped over the reptile which was sun-baking on the concrete driveway. It had disappeared into the ferns by the time I arrived on the scene. Farm girl was convinced it was a brown (one of the world's most deadliest) which did not help this mother one little bit, even though our friend said he has only ever seen green tree snakes and carpet snakes on his property but the hunt continued and a few minutes later a scream from a younger child. This time a lizard under a pot wondering why it had laid a shiny pink egg! That was one eventful Easter egg hunt.

Having our son and his fiancee home for Easter was very helpful as were able to do some more planning for the wedding. I set up a table on the patio and together with my daughter-in-love to be we played around with plates, cutlery, napkins and vases making decisions about the settings for the bridal table and guest tables. We realized our tastes are so similar. I've never been fond of puffy tulle attached to the front of tables or fussy/tacky table decorations and neither is my daughter-in-love to be. So it will be linen and lace, china, crystal, flowers and candles. Nothing more is needed. So no need to purchase chunky wooden bride and groom letters for the front of the bridal table - isn't it obvious who the bride and groom are?

Whilst I am talking about table settings I thought I would share the latest addition to my tea cup collection. I am very selective these days as I have more than enough for my little vintage hire business but it always pays to acquire a few more here and there as occasionally a piece may be broken when you are hiring them out. I was not passing this beauty up. I knew it was a Shelley as soon as I spotted it on the market stall. I dashed over. What was going to be the asking price? They are usually out of my budget at $60 plus here for a trio. I couldn't believe it .. $15! And no chips or hairline cracks. Shelley china is so pretty. This is my third Shelley trio. I am thinking one of my favourite varieties of tea, white rose and goji would be the perfect tea to enjoy in this cup!

The latest addition to my vintage plate collection is rather lovely too. Just a few entree and side plates I found in an op shop. They are the perfect match for my Laguiole cutlery. I love vintage cutlery but I am becoming rather fond of Laguiole cutlery. It has such a graceful shape and those knives are so sharp, so practical when you are sitting down to a roast dinner.


Another delight of mine is designing with flowers. I need to make more time for it because it just brings me so much pleasure! I am making these garlands to go around a mason jar which holds a candle. The ring of wired silk roses and flowers sits on top of a ring of fresh magnolia inserted into a ring of florists foam. I am making these for a wedding table. I tried to find faux blooms that were as realistic as possible. My next project is to make floral crowns for my twin girls for when they are flower girls at their brother's wedding.

And speaking of flowers. Have you come across these amazing, wonderful, gorgeous, beautiful colouring books before? My girls take much delight and care in colouring in the designs in Secret Garden by the Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford.  It's one colouring book I am going to hold onto when they are older. But you don't need children to buy this book. I understand adults are finding her colouring books very therapeutic. In fact I am very tempted to buy the other in the series for myself!

The twins often colour in their book which they share and work on together when I am reading the Violet books to them. We have finished the Elsie and Millie books and just loving the Violet stories. Violet is Elsie Dinsmore's daughter and this is the third in the Life of Faith series which alas is no longer in print. Wholesome, exciting wonderful stories that inspire girls to live faith filled Godly lives. We speak of Violet as if she was a member of our family and call out 'Has anyone seen Violet?' These are the books I would rescue from a burning building!

Just one more picture for this post. A table set with one of my vintage dinner sets. These are the chairs we purchased for our son's wedding. Very suited to a reception in a barn don't you think? The camellias had not started to bloom when I took this photo so I pruned some branches from our olive tree to adorn the table. The tablecloth is grey with a silver sparkly thread through it. Grey is my new favourite colour after green. I want to paint my bedroom furniture French Grey but I don't have the time and Annie Sloan chalk paint is so darn expensive in Australia and only available in specialist decorator stores. I pleaded with the guy in the paint aisle at Bunnings to start stocking chalk paint. He asked  'What's chalk paint?' He was Canadian and knew all about my other favourite paint 'Rustoleum' which has transformed old brass lamps and other items in my home. You can blame Pinterest for that and my obsession to spray any shiny brass or chrome oil rubbed bronze. They need a paint and decorating aisle for women at Bunnings. Don't they realize the market potential of an aisle stocked specifically with products for restoring furniture!

And so my impromptu spur of the moment post must come to an end. I pray that all of my readers enjoyed a beautiful and blessed Easter with their families and friends.


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