Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A View From a Table

Today I have found a pocket of time on a glorious spring morning to share with you the view from my table. I purposefully chose this seat at the dining table to be mine as it faces the double glass doors and corner window which looks out over the front of our property. We are completely surrounded by trees. We have gum trees of course but there are also palms and the front of our home is framed by a Himalayan cedar and a Kashmiri cypress with its draping fronds creating a waterfall of green. These are evergreens so all year round we are surrounded with green.

From the corner window I can also look out on our side patio. Last year we planted a climbing rose to cover a metal arch and it has run rampant. It is covered in crimson pink blooms at the moment which truly give meaning to the description 'pops of colour'.

Every time I sit down at the table I am reminded of God's provision. I often say to myself 'Look at where we live'. When discontent creeps in after looking at images on pinterest or blogs of neat manicured lawns or a perfectly tended cottage garden I look out at my forest garden and God gives me a wow moment.

At my table surrounded by this beauty I enjoy my morning coffee at breakfast with my husband. Always around 6am or earlier in summer. We have always been earlier risers and we accomplish more as a result of this habit. At this table of course we dine together as a family. I also teach my children at this table. I have never had a separate school room. Who would want to be away from this view during the day when the resident honeyeater hops along the pergola ? Nature study comes naturally when you live here!

Sometimes we snuggle up on the couch to read, especially in winter but I do love sitting at the table to read to my children. We have just finished the Millie Keith Books. These are treasured books in my home. I read them to my older children and I am now reliving her adventures with my twins. The 4 year old boy loves Millie too. She seems more like a friend than a fictional character. Yesterday, we began Anne of Green Gables. She talks more than we do was the comment of the twin who is the family chatterbox!
It's also where I have my quiet time though it is hardly a quiet time when there are children playing outside making as much noise as the lorikeets flying over through the tree tops! I love to make a pot of tea and sit down with my Bible. The verse that jumped out from the page on this occasion was Psalm 61 verse 5... 'For you, O Lord have heard my vows. You have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.' A beautiful reminder of the Godly heritage I discovered when we delved into our family history for a project.

I hope you have enjoyed sharing the view from my table. If you do not have a view you can still create something lovely to look at when you sit at your table. Some flowers or greenery in a vase. A pretty cup to sip tea from. A stack of books that inspire you. Right here on my table are some of the things that sustain me and bring beauty into my life. What sustains you and reminds you of God's provision? Surround yourself with these things and see the difference it makes!


africanaussie said...

Thank you for your lovely words today - they brought me great peace. Just this morning I sat and looked out at my beautiful garden as I ate my breakfast before leaving for work at 6.30. When things get overwhelming in life it is good just to sit and look at Gods creation and just "be" in His presence. Bless you for your uplifting words.

Pam said...

Your table is beautiful with its view, lovely teapot, books and thoughts of children and life. Our school was at our dining room table as well…and we also often snuggled up on the couch in the mornings to read. We always did our reading quite like you do; with favorite books such as those, and I would drink my coffee or tea, and they their cocoa or tea. The Word of God, History, and Classic literature always brought such sweet moments. I have not read the Millie Keith Books… they are something I must add to my list for the Grandchildren… I look forward to hunting for them. Anne of Green Gables was definitely a favorite for us. Your climbing roses sound just beautiful. So nice to have a peak into your everyday. I miss those days in my life. Have a lovely week, and thanks for the sweet picture.
Love and Blessings,

Lydia said...

I lived in Tasmania as a landed immigrant with my parents and siblings many years ago.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...
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Ann at eightacresofeden said...

African Aussie - I am so glad to find you still read my blog even though I post infrequently these days and that my words were a blessing to you.
Pam - unfortunately the Millie books which are a follow on from the Elsie Dinsmore books in the Life of Faith series from Mission City Press are now out of print after the publisher closed down. I consider them family heirlooms for the influence they have had on my children. Last time I checked they were expensive to purchase secondhand.
Lady Lydia - On my husband's side there is a link to a former famous governor of Tasmania but I still have to verify this. You may be interested to read the post I wrote about 'Finding my Family' - in the Family History category in my archives. What was most fascinating was the recording of the homemaking skills of the women in the book about the family tree alongside the prominent men of the family which are a famous family of America. Interestingly, it was the women of the family that were blessed with longevity which has continued through the generations with my own mother and her sister still living and both well into their 80's!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Anne of green gables and the others in the series are MY all time favs and I am now getting my girls aquainted with Anne...Though urrently we are reading the wind in the willows...I bough huckleberry finn after a discussion of my grandfathers childhood being like him,the kids had no clue who huck was!!! So that waits a time to read....I love y bush setting and never swoon over manicured gardens...this suits me great you love what you have been given to appreciate xx

Tania said...

I love the view from the kitchen table, those roses are so beautiful. Such a pretty place to dwell while having your quiet time with our God and a good place to reflect on all His wondrous creation.



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