Monday, August 18, 2014

A Special Visitor

This has to be a brief post but I thought my friends and visitors to my blog from overseas would enjoy seeing the close up shot of this beautiful young koala who climbed down from a very tall gum tree into a much smaller tree. So low he came that we were able to make eye contact! Isn't he just the most beautiful creature?  He was not at all alarmed by our presence and when I stepped forward to take this shot with my phone he actually leaned forward and tried to grab the leather cord attached to the case. We joked that he wanted to take a selfie! It was all very exciting for the younger children who have seen koalas high up in the boughs of trees before but never this close. I think we spent about an hour in his company.

Enccounters like these help me realize what a beautiful country our family are blessed to live in with its unique wildlife. Not many people get to meet a koala in the wild though so we are extra blessed at Eight Acres of Eden. Of course whenever we have people from other countries come out to our home we never see a koala! It's always the way. A few years ago a group of young Canadians came out for the day. They went right into the bush straining their necks in the hope of seeing a grey bulge in the tree tops. No koalas obliged but would you believe the very next day a koala put in an appearance at the bottom of the drive!

Spring is just weeks again and September is the month when we expect to see and hear the koalas again.
Hope you have enjoyed seeing the picture of our koala visitor. I do have a close up shot from late summer of a red belly black snake but it's not on my phone and I'm mobile blogging. I hear the collective sigh of relief across the blogosphere!
Until next time.


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