Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Her great Canadian Adventure begins!

I have to say I am a little envious. I have never met any of my blogger friends, not even the ones who live in Australia and it's only a dream to be able to fly to the other side of the world to meet those sweet ladies I have connected with, thanks to this blog, in North America. But my daughter is living my dream. Right now she is in Canada and has just spent the first few days of her trip in the beautiful city of Vancouver staying with my dear friend Camille from Flowers in His Garden. How grateful our family is to Camille and her family for showing such gracious hospitality to our daughter, picking her up from the airport and welcoming her into their home, looking after her and showing her the sights of the city such as Stanley Park. Camille has just put up a blog post about our daughter's visit so in a moment I will send you over to visit her where you can read more about her stay in Vancouver, see more photos and learn about some of the activities they managed to fit in during such a short space of time. I offered up profound apologies for sending over a tube of vegemite as one gift for the family (I'm English, can't stand the stuff and convinced you need to be a natural born Aussie or Kiwi to be able to digest it!) To compensate our daughter made the family her famous lemon meringue pie!

She's now on the prairie and has been reunited with her friend she met over here a few years ago when a team of young Canadians came over for a short term mission. She's also experiencing the coldest temperatures she has ever experienced in her life -12 c but feels like -20 according to the forecast she sent through! I'm sure it feels like -20 after you have come from one of the hottest springs we have experienced for some time. It reached the high 30's (that's close to 100 F for my friends overseas) in the week prior to her departure! During the next 2 weeks she will be taking a road trip with her friend visiting cities such as Calgary and Edmonton and seeing the Rocky Mountains. She's rather excited about the fact that there is a mall in Edmonton that has a roller coaster - really? She will return to Vancouver and spend another night with Camille and her family before flying out.

We are looking forward to seeing more photos of the country that is part of her heritage. My great grandmother came from a wealthy and prestigious family in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She married an English gentleman at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal. All places I intend to visit when it is my turn to visit Canada!

My daughter returns home on my birthday and celebrates her 19TH birthday the following day. We are missing her, her cat is even missing her. We look forward to her return, hearing all about her great Canadian adventure and hopefully she will make me her lemon meringue pie on my birthday!

Do pop over and visit Camille's blog to read more about her stay in Vancouver and see those amazing fall leaves!


Camille said...

We've so enjoyed meeting your girl my friend. One will be YOU! Thank you for are a sweetie. XO

Beth said...

How wonderful!! MY little girl just flew to England! She will be there until the middle of January. She is visiting her fiance' and his family. Blessings!! Beth

living from glory to glory said...

What a wonderful experience for your daughter. It was nice to see your post on this. I miss visiting your Blog!
My Hubby and I just renewed our wedding vows last Sturday. Our friend Pam and her Hubby stood up with us! So when you come this way you can visit the both of us girls:)
Blessings, Roxy

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Amazing adventures!!!! Amazing Memories...I am sure you will get your turn...One day!
I sent you a very long overdue email of babble too...Hope your addy is still the same??

Cinnamon said...

I had to pop over and say hello since we now share a "kinship" with Serene and her raw foodie days - haha!

I laughed when I read your comment on Camille's blog about making Serene's crackers and it taking so long to make but being gone super fast! I remember thinking that same thing.

I am much happier with their Trim Healthy Mama approach to eating. It's helped me in so many ways beside just losing weight.

Anyway, you have a beautiful family and I am so happy to have "met" you through Camille.


Pam said...

Anne, It is so nice to hear the update of your daughter. What an exciting adventure for her. I love hearing all the details, and love that she was able to stay with blogging friends. There is something very special in that. The blogging world has allowed friendships that may never have happened otherwise, and I think it is wonderful. I can imagine that it is cold in Canada right now. We were feeling it slightly when we were up there in August, so no doubt it is colder now. We have cooled down quite a bit here, but still have plenty of warmth and sunshine during the day; we have pulled out the sweaters though. I wish your precious daughter could make her way down the Rockies to visit here. We would love to see her . Another visit, another time perhaps; would would love to see all of you.

It sounds like you will have a very happy birthday for both of you when she returns. I will pop over to your friend Camille's blog and read a little more. Have a great week, Ann, and many blessings to your daughter and your family.
Much Love,

Unknown said...

Oh, my! I know the mother's heart when her children are so far away... thinking of when Kate went to Indonesia! What an adventure for her though. It's one of those experiences that will change her life forever (in a good way!). Somehow, trips to distant lands will do that. It broadens their understanding of others and their cultures, builds their confidence, and strengthens their relationship with Christ. Hang in there mom!

Shane Pollard said...

Hello dear Ann
That is so lovely – gorgeous happy photos!
Your gorgeous daughter travelling to Canada to meet up with her friend.
What a bonus having your bloggie friend Camille to welcome her into their home and family!
Your lovely family is growing up Ann, the years just fly by and all of a sudden our children have become adults before our eyes.
You and your husband have done a great job - they all sound such well rounded and talented kids.

I often think of you and how clever and brave you were starting up your own business - well done!
Shane xox

Niki Jones said...

Hi Ann, how are you all going, so happy for you all, hope your daughter has the time of her life. Thankyou for your lovely message on my blog, I think of you often too. Now that things are winding down to Summer hopefully we can catch up more. Love to you & yours, Niki


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