Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Finding Time for Tea and a Blog Post!

I'm not sure whether this is an official return to blogging for me but today when the sun is shining and the afternoon feels more like a summer's day than the season of winter I made a decision to find some time to write a blog post and update you all on what has been happening at Eight Acres of Eden. So here goes!

Establishing our family business.

The main reason I needed to give up writing my blog for a season and I'm so glad I did. We have been ever so busy - not so much with actual bookings but in simply getting our name out there, networking with the right people and buying the right kind of products that people might want to hire for their wedding or special occasion. For those of you new to my blog it's a vintage china and accessory hire business and it's something we thought our region might appreciate. It's been costly (vintage china is not that easy to find here and op shops have realized its value so bargain finds are rare and at garage sales we are competing with the secondhand dealers!) and time consuming but it has been a lot of fun, we have met some lovely people and it is all worth it when someone tells you that the pretty china they hired for their event is what made their day so special! We have been to two wedding expos (another big expense!) and received a wonderful response. I was selected to style a table at one of the expos which will feature in a bridal magazine and had the chance to work with a very talented florist. So this year I have hired china for a wedding, a baby shower, a bridal shower and I have a booking for a spring wedding. So much more I could share but thought you would prefer to see the photos - just a few because my computer is just too old and slow.

A glimpse of my display at the bridal expo. Do you like the little silver sugar shaker that I found on ebay?

I turned my vintage picnic basket into a dessert station, stacking it up with pretty plates, bowls, cake forks and other vintage accessories. I thought this would be a great idea to set out alongside a dessert table.

Just one of my favorite teacups! I have over 200 trios and I'm now collecting dinner plates, silver cutlery and vintage glassware. Even when the trend for battered suitcases, fringed lampshades, lace embellished mason jars and old ladders at weddings is over I'm hoping that people will still want their tables set with beautiful classic china like this!

Wedgewood is now my everyday china! We were given this dinner set. It doesn't match in with my other English china which is mainly cream so we are using it for family dinners. It's from the 70's I believe and came with a matching ashtray which of course we don't need but the gravy boat is very useful when we have a roast dinner!

Family Life

Family life and the business have become intertwined. My daughter pictured above who just celebrated her 16TH birthday loves helping me with the business. It has helped her develop confidence when dealing and interacting with people and she has become a prolific pinner, finding so many wonderful ideas on pinterest for high teas and wedding decor. And I love the dresses she pins - so proud of her feminine style and it is obvious she understands that modest can be beautiful and fashionable!

My son celebrated his 21ST birthday recently. He is in his last semester of university study. Just 2 units to finish and he will have completed his degree. He continues to receive high distinctions. His web design business is becoming well established and he has plenty of projects to keep him busy. 

Our 18 year old daughter is still a farm girl. Reliable, skilled and hardworking. She is very valued by her employer and she works just next door so she is still here and living at home which I am very grateful for. She has the travel bug though and is traveling to Canada later this year. She will stay with a friend she met here (her friend was also homeschooled) and I'm insanely jealous that she is also going to meet one of my blogger friends! I offered to accompany her and said I would carry her bags just so I could get to Vancouver where she will stay with my sweet friend Camille from Flowers in His Garden. But I am needed here. One day though....!

The twins are as lively and active as ever. Never a dull moment in this house even when they play chess! No my 3 year old does not know how to play chess but he watches and he is a fast learner - actually he was 2 when this photo was taken. Eight acres of Eden - you think peaceful, serene, quiet. Not a chance. It's LOUD! Double chattering, double laughter, add in a 3 year old with an impressive vocabulary, a cockatiel and budgies that try to compete with the children..... you get the idea! People often say to me' 7 children, how do you manage with them all living at home?' I don't think I could manage without them! It would be just way too quiet.  What would I do if they were not here? I know the answer to that. I would clean my windows but I would much rather read stories to my children! I'm so excited to be reading the Elsie Dinsmore books to my twins now as I did with my older girls. The Life of Faith series I purchased all those years ago is now out of print so I'm very glad I kept it and one day I will read it to my grandchildren. I'm just hoping that this home will always be full of children so don't know when those windows will get cleaned! I will get to them - when I find the time!

And somehow I found the time to write this post. So much more I could share about family life and boy do I have some scary snake stories for you but that will have to wait for another time. I do want to show you something my clever, creative husband built. It's for our business, it's beautiful and I get to admire it every day. I can't wait to show you. It's the result of what happened when I showed my husband something I saw on the internet and subsequently pinned. He said 'I can build that'. Intrigued? You will have to wait for my next post which means just one thing ... 'I'll be back'!


Camille said...

SO lovely to see you here my friend! What a blessing to have so much going on in your life. I can wait!! :) I love the look of your vintage table settings...I am sure your business will grow and grow. By the time the twins are old enough, they may be able to find full time employment with you! Wouldn't it be wonderful? Love to you! Camille

Deanne said...

Your china all looks lovely, what a great idea to hire it out. Our church is getting rid of their vintage Sebel stackable chairs and I saw somewhere on the internet where someone is hiring them out for weddings.

Farming On Faith said...

Oh so beautiful! Looks like pages out of the Victoria Magazine for sure.

I am taking a break and catching up with your sweet family. Everyone is growing up so!

I will be in touch soon. Still crazy busy trying to set up our home.

africanaussie said...

good to see you back, and with a teaser of good things to come! You have such a wonderful talent for putting things together. I am sure the people that hire you for their weddings and parties must be very happy.

The happy sparrow said...

Yay! Looking forward to your next post! :) Martine

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Anne, Really glad to read this post! I hope the Lord will give you an updated computer of sorts. I know building a home and Children require so much of our hearts and time. But as you know the dividens are huge. Blessings Always, Roxy

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ann you may only pop in when you can but boy you are such a blessing when you do! My eyes pricked with tears as I read about the windows and your hope to always be surrounded by kiddos! So lovely,And such the mothers heart that I too have xo Think of you often my dear bloggy buddy!

Beth said...

Your things are soooooo gorgeous!!!! I sure wish I could see them in person!!!!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful business idea, Ann! I know a lot of brides are looking for creative ways to make their weddings unique and yet more affordable. I've been pleasantly surprised to attend several weddings this past year or two where the brides have scaled back and opted to pay cash rather than have huge events that throw them into immediate debt. Renting china from a local business can really set their wedding apart and make it special. Wishing you the best with your new venture!


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