Monday, June 3, 2013

Taking Time Out for Tea

Beautiful china has become very much part of my life at home. It's also the reason why I must take some time away from writing my blog. As many of my regular readers may know our family has set up a small business in our region. This weekend I attended my first wedding expo showcasing the beautiful china, the handcrafted cake stands and other vintage inspired accessories we have been collecting over the past year to hire out for weddings, high teas and special occasions. Our booth proved to be very popular and the potential is there for this little business to take off. It's a lot of hard work and it takes time and time is so precious. The computer time I have during my busy days I must now commit to building the business. I simply cannot upkeep this blog and run a home and business at the same time. I have so many ideas for interesting and encouraging blog posts swirling around in my head but there simply isn't time to upload them.

I feel very blessed to have found a business that I can fit around my family. It's one that different members of our family can be involved with. My first born is my web designer - he finishes his degree in just 12 weeks time! I want to enjoy his company and keep on picking his brain whilst he is still living at home! One of my daughters is my assistant at markets and expos. The other children always come out and see us at the markets. My husband helps out a lot, we go hunting for treasure together. It has been his dream to have a family business and I want to give him my full support. I was very much affected by a prayer that our Pastor's wife prayed for all the wives in our church recently. She simply prayed that they would create beautiful homes for their families. I want to do that too and it all takes time. Even as I type this I am aware of tasks at home I need to catch up on after the weekend. Not much point in creating beautiful tables for others and not do the same for my family.

This is not goodbye. I will still be reading the blogs of sweet friends and leaving comments when I feel led to do so. I may post family news/events/home life snippets from time to time. I need to rethink my approach to the blog but my heart is heavy today. A dear friend of mine I met at the beginning of my blogging journey is taking a break from her blog for a very sad reason. On June 1st her teenage son went home to be with Jesus. He had battled a debilitating heart condition as well as Crohn's disease which Camille kept her blogging friends updated on. Each extra day following the diagnosis of the heart condition was a miracle and the Lord graciously gave Camille and her family another year with the fine young man they have raised and they saw their son become a man as he turned eighteen. I sent Austin and his family a package when he first became ill not knowing whether or not he would get to open it. He did and sent me a most gracious thank you note that I have kept. Many of you will already know Camille from her blog Flowers in His Garden. She is such an encouraging person and her posts always inspire and encourage me to stand firm in my faith, uphold the truth and trust in the promises of God. Please join me as you read this and pray for Camille and her family as they grieve the loss of their beautiful son. Reading her post today has jolted me into making this decision about taking a break from my own blog. I must be there for my family in this busy season of my life for none of us know how long we have left with any of our family members. Life is so fragile, so brief and I don't want to have regrets about how much time I spent writing a blog.

Hope you keep following and that the posts I have written in the past that will stay up here will continue to be useful and a source of encouragement to others. Cherish your families, create beautiful homes and gardens for them and live in them!

Until next time


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