Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Poem for Mother's Day

I had hoped to have a new post up by now but I have been so busy with life - home, hospitality, church and establishing our new business. I have upcoming markets and a bridal expo to prepare for - very excited about that! I didn't want to let Mother's Day pass by without a mention so I dug into my archives to repost a poem I first shared in 2009 and wrote for Mother's Day a number of years ago. I chose my new favourite photo of the smiler - my youngest son who is such a delight! I often tell him that he has a ministry of smiles, he doesn't understand what that is yet but we see the effect he has on people that come into our home - they simply fall in love with him. Every time I take hold of this boy's hand when we walk down the street I feel so special, so honoured to be his mother. A time will come when he will not need to take my hand so I just savour that moment and walk a little more slowly, it's these times I don't want to be over.

But there are days that are trying. Little boys (and girls!) are not always cooperative, they don't always want to hold your hand, they are not always willing to smile for the camera. This poem was written for a mum in her 'Hour of Need'. She's fictional but the situations are based on real life experiences - my real life experiences as a new mother. I pray these words minister to someone somewhere and that we all do our part to support others in their hour of need.


Her Hour of Need

The toddler 's just walked mud on the floor
The Jehovah's Witnesses are at the door
The baby is crying, he wants his feed
This is a mum in her hour of need!

She hoped today, would simply run smooth
Because she's trying so hard to prove
That she's good at this job, her vocation, her life
A wonderful mother and loving wife

But dad just left an hour ago
In a bad mood, I'll have you know
The milk had run out, tea was black, Weetbix was dry
He didn't mean to make her cry
Drying her tears she thought
'I won't stress'
But then looked around and saw all the mess
Beds still to make, dishes to do
Jobs added up as she ran to the loo

But before she got there
'Oh no' she thought ' Who is that?'
'Good morning' they said
'I'm John, this is Fay'
'What do you think of the world's state today'
The mother smiled back at them
Her response could not wait
'Couldn't be better, marvelous, just great!'
Dejected, rejected they put Watchtowers away
And the mother returned to her stressful day

She picked up the baby and gave him his feed
Called over the toddler and started to read
All about Tigger and Winnie the Pooh
Piglet and Eeyore, Rabbit and Roo

The toddler enthralled, shouted
'Please mummy more!'
Then she remembered the mud on the floor!
Winnie the Pooh won this time around
And very soon there wasn't a sound
Two sleeping children were on her knee!

'Yipee!' the mum almost roared
Instead she whispered 'Thank you Lord'
And took some time out from her day
To talk with her God and quietly pray
For these two precious lives
Gifts from above
Hers to nurture, cherish and love
She prayed for strength, courage
These sort of things
To face the demands that motherhood brings
That God would lead her in His way
And fill her home with His peace that day

And God spoke to her spirit these words of life
You are a blessed mother and capable wife
Worth far above rubies which are precious and rare
My daughter I love you and deeply care
I sent you my Son to give you new life
And it is He who bears your pain and your strife
All your anxiety, the woes of each day
I can in this instant take away
Just cast them on Him
For He Cares for you
And right at this moment, start anew

The mother lifted her head, her heart filled with joy
Then she tenderly kissed each little boy
Tucked safe in their beds, she mopped up the floor
Till it was clean and sparkling once more
She finished her housework with time still to spare
So the evening meal she began to prepare

And into the garden, the Lord led her feet
To pick lovely freesias, their fragrance so sweet
Beauty and order had returned to her day
Because she had taken time to pray

So let's honour mothers
They are the hope for our nation
To raise a Godly generation
Encourage, support them, show that you care
Especially if you know, dad isn't there
Practically help a mum, do a kind deed
It may well be her hour of need

Dedicated to all mothers everywhere especially those celebrating today, down under!


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