Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Market Day

I thought those that follow my blog might like to see some pictures and hear an update on our most recent market stall. After lots of discussion around the family dinner table we decided not to have any baking for sale this time. This brought down our stall fee but would we sell any of the cake stands that I had made up? I am thrilled to report that we sold quite a few including the lovely cream and blue 3 tiered stand that the delightful daughter is presenting.

Here are some of the prettiest of the soy candle teacups. I only have one of these left. Lots of people commented on how beautiful our stall was. We had lots of fun setting everything out. The lovely floral tray cloth is a tea towel - a gift from a sweet blogging friend in Canada. Camille - you can now see what I will be using your gift for and it is not drying dishes! I had to let some people know that the tray and linens were not for sale!

It was a glorious day and the sunshine brought out the crowds. We talked to lots of people about china, high tea, weddings and family. A man who knew his china came over and picked up a Royal Doulton teacup candle, saucer and matching plate set. He told my daughter that we were not charging enough, that this set was worth twice what we had priced it at. I adjusted the price by a couple of dollars but suspected that the retro design would not appeal to many people. I was right, it didn't sell but the rose patterned ones did.

I had such fun making the soy candles. Why have I not discovered these candles before now I ask myself. They burn for hours and they don't drip wax all over your table cloth or counter. And they are made from all natural ingredients. I decided not to add dyes just pure lavender essential oil. I might try some other fragrances in future batches. What are your favourite scents for candles?

Here are three plates waiting to be drilled. I made these up into a cake stand for a 21st birthday gift at the request of a friend. Half the fun is finding the right combinations of plates. You need lots of plates to do this. I will need to go on more plate hunting expeditions. The day before the markets I took a trip to a large country town I felt sure would have lots of op shops. There were only 3 and only one that had a small selection of china plates and I bought most of the floral ones they had. There were teacup and plate sets but these were expensive. One of the downsides of vintage style being so popular. I had lunch at a little cafe that had 2 tier 'modern' vintage look plate stands for sale. I could not resist checking the price. They were twice what I had been charging!

Thank goodness I love garage sales so much and have the opportunity to go to them every Saturday. I love how this venture fits our family so well.

One more exciting snippet of news to share and that is I received an invitation to exhibit my stands at a National conference that is coming to a resort in our region. There will be over 500 delegates in attendance and they are all women! I think I will take up this invitation!

Thank you so much to all those who put forward suggestions for our stall. There were so many good ideas but lots of them are duplicates of the stalls that are already out there. Nougat, cupcakes, packaged baked items etc are all to be found at our markets. We needed something different and it seems we may have found it. I might persuade my daughter to bake up some of her amazing biscuits and slices and package them up for the markets prior to Christmas but for now she is passing on her site to her mother and younger sister. She is earning money at the dairy farm and is enjoying being a real farm girl for the moment. Her younger sister is thrilled to have the opportunity to work at the stall so it will continue to be a family business.

Hope you enjoyed this update on our tiers for tea and thank you for all the encouragement and positive comments that you left last time.


Kimberly said...

So wonderful! She looks so darling. I love the candles, too. I used to make teacup candles all the time. I may need to revisit that idea.

Unknown said...

Looks like you have found your niche, I love vanilla fragrances- not sure how you get them into the candle though!

africanaussie said...

so glad you are doing so well - those tiers are so beautiful! It is a pity that your daughters baking did not sell well, but it is a good learning experience to provide what the market wants.

Shane Pollard said...

Oh what a lovely update Ann!

Your stall looks gorgeous and I can't understand anyone not buying these treasures - wish I lived closer! I'm always looking for something 'different' for special friends presents.

I bought a lovely candle in an antique cup for my friend Jennie for Christmas a couple of years ago and she loves it!

Aren't your girls doing well - I can understand your daughter loving working on the dairy farm - cows are just the sweetest animals.
Before I retired I worked in the dairy industry here and visited many farms - I love that life!

Take care dear Ann, I'm off in a week, so it's getting exciting. Still heaps of sewing bits to finish tho!

much love

Camille said...

Dear Ann ~ How wonderful to see your beautiful wares for sale! AND how terrific it was to read that you seem to have found your *niche* in the markets! I would definitely be interested in those candles of yours...I like anything of that sort to be as natural as can be. There are so many toxic things in mass produced candles these days. You certainly would have a customer in me if I could only visit more easily. :)

I *love* the combination of the three pink coloured plates of various styles that you plan to piece together in a tiered cake plate. SOOO pretty!

And, how special it was to see that tea towel in use...I'm so pleased. :)

Love to you!

Niki Jones said...

I have been meaning to write you for ages. I love love love your work. They all look amazing, but the Pink set is going to be divine.

Fruitful Harvest said...

Beautiful Ann!
If you did not live across the pond I would be right over!
I love the tea cup candles. Some of those cups looked valueble! (Like the green one)

Great job!



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