Tuesday, April 3, 2012

'Your Daughter's Getting Married'

 Oh how excited she was to dress up as a bride for a picture to illustrate this post!

'Your Daughter's Getting Married'
A Poem for the Parents of the Bride

No, not my daughter! That day, God willing, still lies ahead for me. It's been some time since I shared one of my 'poems for people' but I have the perfect excuse today. My sweet friend Carrie from Farming on Faith is busy preparing for the upcoming wedding of her daughter Hannah. It's not long to go now and I know it is a 'bittersweet' time for Carrie, as it is for all parents of the bride, especially when their daughter has been living at home up to the time of their marriage. Weddings are joyful occasions but for the parents it is also a time tinged with some sadness, a time for goodbyes and letting go. It heralds a new beginning for both parties but it is not the end of the story - just new chapters in this precious life we have been given by the Lord to live.

It was these sentiments that I wanted to express when I first penned this poem many years ago. My Pastor's daughter was getting married and I wanted to give him and his wife a card but couldn't find one at the store which was specifically for the parents of the bride. I had to buy a blank card and was thinking about what greeting I could write when the idea of a poem popped into my mind. I wanted the verses to be personal but felt the Lord prompt me to pen them in such a way that I could share this poem again in the future. That it could be a blessing to others as they gave their daughter's hand in marriage. The handwritten words on a scrap of paper have been sitting in my little cardboard folder of poems; they have never been published until now. I have also added a few extra verses after reading Carrie's recent posts at her blog. So Carrie - this is for you and for any other mothers and fathers who read this who may be about to see their daughter marry and leave the family home. I pray they bless you in this season of your life. It was designed to be read just prior to the wedding day or on the morn of the wedding itself.

I wonder if she will want to wear her momma's veil on her wedding day?

Your daughter's getting married
Her wedding day is here
Very soon, she'll walk the aisle
You know you'll shed a tear

For it only seems like yesterday
Your precious girl was born
The memories of her childhood
Fill your thoughts this morn

Today she looks so beautiful
A radiant, lovely bride
Amidst the gasps of admiration
Your heart will burst with pride

You worked so hard to raise her
And taught her all you can                                            
Now all those things that you inspired
Will benefit her man
They'll soon exchange their vows                
She's going to be his wife                                              
No longer living in your home
But still part of your life

She'll always be your daughter
She knows how much you care
And when she feels she needs you
She'll hope that you are there

A speech of appreciation
Will later come your way
For your special contribution
To your daughter's wedding day

When the music fades
And all have bid farewell
Do not let the sadness of your parting
Be on what you choose to dwell

For the story isn't over
More chapters are to come
Turn the page together
A new day has begun!

 by Ann at eightacresofeden.com

I am more than happy for any of my readers to share this poem to bless other parents or mothers of brides. All I ask is that you acknowledge the source and myself as the author. Thank You. If you do use or intend to use my poem I would love to hear from you. It is after all one of my poems for people!

I have one more picture to share which I thought most appropriate for this post. It was not photoshopped! My daughter came across this mossy heart on a rock when she was hiking in a National Park recently. I hope that you enjoyed the poem and Carrie this picture speaks to me of the solid foundation of faith in Jesus that you have given to your daughter which she together with her beloved is going to build her own marriage and home upon ... the rock of Jesus. What a gift that is. What a blessing it will be in their lives!

Update: Carrie's daughter was married this Easter weekend. I'm very appreciative to Carrie for sharing my poem at her blog and delighted that it touched her heart. Carrie was able to read my post because I let her know about it but it appears that this post is not appearing in reading lists on dashboards or being updated on blogrolls. They are only showing my last post from 3 weeks ago. Is this an issue for you at the moment? I'm not sure how to fix this so adding this update, reverting to draft and republishing - something I found on the blogger help forum that worked for someone having the same problem. Let's hope it works this time for me - this is my second attempt! If it doesn't I'm going to have to work out whether it is a feed problem or something to do with the new country specific URL and having a custom domain. I have no idea! If you are reading this and can offer suggestions or advice on how to fix this I would be very appreciative. Have lots of ideas for new posts just need to work out these glitches so they are sent out to people!


Farming On Faith said...

Oh sweet friend~
I am now crying again. Thank you for your sweet poem. It is just beautiful~filled with reminders that new chapters are about to begin.

I have been so busy. I have guest arriving tomorrow. May I share your post as a guest blogger at my blog. I will share it as it is~ just perfect.

I will catch up with you soon. Next week I plan on a week of rest.

What a sweet thing to send my girl a gift. Thank you for being such a great friend across the miles.

Talk with to you soon.

Hugs and Prayers~

Camille said...

I left a comment for you at Carrie's blog Ann...this was precious!! God has given you lovely insight and it was written out so beautifully in this poem. I know you are a blessing to Carrie...what a wonderful thing blog friends are!

Thank you also for your prayers and loving concern for us lately. The LORD has used you to be a blessing to us...thank you SO much!


Suzanne said...

I can see this too Ann, and so glad I can--totally sweet!

Renata said...

Hi Ann
This one didn't appear on my list & so I thought you were having a break. I love the poem ~ it made me misty eyed. I remember how upset my sisters were when I got married ~I was the first one to leave home. Getting married is wonderful, but like any change there are sad elements as well.
Glad you could bless your friend

Anonymous said...

You are a remarkable woman! Living with absolute passion and zest for life. That is exactly how we our Maker wants us to live i.e Live your talents, share your joys and have this beautiful life. I am sharing your poem with love with a friend of mine who's daughter (beautiful child) is getting married tomorrow. Words have failed me to express the happiness I feel when I think of her journey as a mother. Thank you so much for sharing.


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