Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jumping for Joy!

It's a leap year so it seemed like a great time to share with you some pictures of the family enjoying their new trampoline. This was a very special Christmas gift which they had to wait until the new year for, as the company had sold out of the size that we wanted but it was worth the wait! Our previous trampoline was a typical 'old fashioned' rectangular trampoline which had to be decommissioned a couple of years ago after the mat finally disintegrated, so this time we wanted to replace it with a quality trampoline that would be suitable for both toddlers and teenagers. We opted for the biggest model available - a 14 foot one which amply fills the only flat ground we have on this property. The dogs also love this spot, it makes a super sized shade house for them and they sleep underneath when no one is bouncing!

Our eldest son was putting money towards our trampoline - he's been blessed with many earning opportunities throughout the last year so he went trampoline shopping at the department stores and when he was out I decided to do some research on trampolines and hopped on the internet which led me to a review which compared the chain store brand we were about to purchase with the one we chose to purchase which is made by an Australian company based in Brisbane called Vuly. There was a big price difference but after a few discussions with my husband and son over the phone, we decided to come up with the extra money and invest in a trampoline we hope will last us for many years.

And thus far we are thrilled with our Vuly trampoline and the service we received from the company who rang the other week to see if everything was going well with our trampoline. The galvanised frame is exceptionally well made and just last week a mini cyclone went through that brought down trees and sent our market umbrella flying through the air like a scene out of Mary Poppins. The trampoline was not anchored to the ground but it did not budge, not even an inch!

The net as you can see in the picture has extra reinforcing webbing so it stays sturdy and in place. It also fastens on the inside of the padded mats so there is absolutely no chance of a child putting a foot through a gap in the springs. It makes for a very safe jumping experience and gives this mum peace of mind as she watches from the kitchen window and knows no one is going to topple off the edge! It has exceptional bounce and has been tested out by every member of the family including moi. The mat is a bit special as it is a game mat - the printed symbols can be used for all manner of games, some are suggested in the company brochure but we preferred to invent our own! On one fine day I spent over 2 hours chasing a toddler around the mat and being the referee for bouncing games made up by the twins. Our trampoline also came with a free tent that you place over the net that turns it into an indoor jumping room or even a sleepover spot. Just check the weather forecast before the kids drag out the sleeping bags. It's been a wet summer here and when a  day without any precipitation finally arrived they begged me to allow them to camp in the 'big tent' on the trampoline. Permission was granted and later regretted when I had to go out in pitch darkness and rescue three bedraggled, sleepy girls when a sudden heavy downpour arrived in the middle of the night! The tent has now been dried out and will come out again during a drought year!


A trampoline is a wonderful place to enjoy being with your children. You cannot help but have fun together. Don't just supervise them when they are little - hop on with them and jump together! When I was a child I longed to have a trampoline but my tiny concrete backyard at our terraced house in England put paid to that. Ever seen that bank ad where the swing hits the back fence which hints that it might be time to move house? Yep, that was my life and we never did move. I'm making up now for all those trampoline deprived childhood years!

I cannot yet report on the longevity of the trampoline but we were impressed with the company's commitment to customer and after sales service and they also offer those who purchase a trampoline from them replacement parts at half price. We hope to purchase the basketball hoop that attaches to the trampoline at some stage. In the meantime, if you are looking to purchase a trampoline for your family this one is well worth considering if you can afford it. Consider that most families spend more on their flat screen televisions than they do on a backyard trampoline and that puts it all into perspective.

I must let you know that this review was of my own volition and I was not contacted by the company or offered any form of compensation. I'm just happy to share with you our experience of purchasing a trampoline this year. We almost made the mistake of opting for the biggest one at the cheapest price and I'm so glad I found a review about the Vuly. We are also very happy to support an Australian company. My blog is about family life and nearly every family I know has a trampoline so it seemed a good subject to blog about, especially in leap year (sorry!) I'm timing this post to show up on the 29TH Feb too, even though March has arrived down under! If you have any questions about our trampoline don't hesiate to ask or google the company name for further information.

Happy Leap Day everybody!


Renata said...

It looks like a wonderful tramp & so much better built than the ones from the chain stores too! Thanks for the review. We are in the market for a trampoline at some point ~ our mat is disintigrated also. Will have to check them out when we decide to buy one!
Hope you are keeping well ~ we have so much rain at the moment, it's amazing!

Ruby said...

That does look like a fantastic purchase. Hope you all enjoy many happy hours bounding around on it!

Camille said...

How FUN is that??!! What a great post for *Leap Day* Ann! :)

Enjoy that trampoline. I am sure it will give you all many years of service. What a blessing.

Have a wonderful day!

Erin said...

We also bought via a trampoline company on the 'net, not from a department store. According to my children and all their friends there is a difference, our (tramp specialised) vs theirs (chainstore) has a tighter bounce.

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,

Thank you for going to as much effort to let your friends know about as as we put in to designing and creating the best trampoline we can offer. Sorry we didn't have your size for xmas, we were truly astonished when we sold out, the support from people all over Australia has really helped to promote quality in the industry which I hope you will now enjoy for years to come. I'm so happy that you were patient enough to get the size you wanted from us :) I agree that the tent can be improved upon when it comes to stormy nights which is why we will have a new model out soon that you might be interested to check out. If you run into any other problems in the future, please be sure to let us know, we might sell out of trampoline but have 5 years worth of parts always in stock!

Happy belated leap day to you too!

Operations Manager
Vuly Trampolines


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