Thursday, January 26, 2012

In Celebration of Australia Day 2012

Are you ready to sing?


The Conductor is ready!

Australians All Let us REJOICE


 For We are YOUNG and FREE


We've Golden Soil and WEALTH for Toil

Our HOME is Girt by Sea


Our Land ABOUNDS in Nature's GIFTS




In History's Page
Let Every Stage
In JOYFUL Strains
Then Let us Sing

Words and music to the Australian National Anthem were composed by Peter Dodds McCormick. It was proclaimed Australia's National Anthem by the Governor-General in April 1984. You will no doubt, hear it many times over during the Olympic Games!

All pictures apart from my daughter searching for sapphires and those featuring our resident wildlife were taken during January 2012. Australia Day is celebrated on the 26TH January at beaches, parks, reserves and in backyards with barbecues and games of cricket favoured by many. Citizenship ceremonies are traditionally held on this day.

Happy Australia Day 2012!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures of our unique and beautiful Australian scenery, flora and fauna.We were planning a camping trip but have postponed it due to the very wet weather we have been experiencing. We will celebrate with a family dinner at home. I have a leg of lamb to roast infused with garlic and rosemary and might venture out into the bush to pick some leaves and native flowers to decorate the table.

How are you celebrating Australia Day?


Joolz said...

That was lovely, Anne - beautiful pictures of our wide, brown land. Aren't we so lucky we live here? Have a lovely Australia Day with your family.

Cheers - Joolz

Karen said...

You are so lucky to live there!

Niki Jones said...

I love it.
Beautiful pictures. We are having a bbq in 41 degrees heat. Oh dear.
But celebrate our great southern land we will. Love to you, Niki

Pam said...

It must be like our 4th of July. It was nice to read your national anthem.... I had never heard it. It is defiintely a land of rich, rare and beautiful wonders... Would love to see it one day.
Happy Australia Day.
Much Love,

Lynn said...

What a lovely post!

Shane Pollard said...

Oh such a lovely post and the images are amazing Ann.

Took me back to years ago when we were living over there and my children sang that beautiful anthem!

The beach scenes are what I imagine it should be like at this time of year!!
We've had nothing but rain as well until the past few days - glorious!

Shane x

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Happy Australia Day!

Oh....heat! Sunshine! Ahhhh... I could live with some of that right now! What wonderful wildlife you have in your country. Fabulous :)

Teresa said...

So beautiful! a tropical paradise....Wonderful photos

Renata said...

Oh I loved this post!!
We celebrated Australia day at Wee Jasper ~ I'd taken the kids camping there early in the week at the reserve & then Dave came & joined us for Wed night after work. It was a fun way to celebrate ~ floating down the river on air mattresses!

Have a lovely time

Farming On Faith said...

Hello My Friend~
The pictures are lovely! What a wonderful day you all had.I was just popping in to catch up with you.

It has been really busy here. I am teaching art ~ I have 50 students this spring ~ for our homeschool group. We are finishing the basement to have extra room for wedding guest and of course the wedding plans are well under way.

This is going to be real hard giving up my baby daughter. She will be moving so far away but at least the girls will be close for a time being anyway.

Hope you have seen some dry days my soggy friend~ LOL

You have been in my thoughts and prayers~

pimalai said...

Amazing shots. I especially like the beaches and that forest river. Australia truly is a land of wonders.


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