Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Creating a Family Vision Poster

I'm linking up a post from my archives today which seems very appropriate for the beginning of a new year. It is actually Tuesday here in Australia and I'm a mum not a mom but I thought I would join the Bettermom Monday's link up. I was so excited today to read about another mom/mum encouraging moms/mums to create their own family mission statements. I have had one for years. If ever a bushfire threatened our home and we were instructed to leave I would be ripping this off my wall to take with me! I've mentioned it a few times at my blog and 3 years ago I wrote a post about my family vision poster which has been on display in my home for many years. I was a new blogger back then and this post received no comments and could have been lost forever in my archives but let me tell you that poster has been one of the most important tools I ever used as a mother in seeking to keep focus as I sought God's direction for my family.

Blessing our neighbours - every year since I wrote this down we have done just that and not only at Christmas but it was lovely to take gifts of cinnamon rolls to our neighbours this year and wow they were so well received.

You can write your vision and goals in a journal but then only you can see them. A poster is much more of a statement and over the years visitors to our home have seen it and read about our vision for our family. People know what we stand for! I would wholeheartedly encourage you to create one if you do not already have one! I am amazed at what I have seen fulfilled since I wrote down the vision. Even the pictures I chose to illustrate the poster are being reflected in and around our home - gardens starting to flourish, a daughter learning Mandarin with a growing zeal to go to China, a son with a successful business on his hands and an opportunity this past year to reach out to families and fathers in our community as we partnered with a Christian media group to screen Courageous at a local movie theatre.

When I am distracted and coming undone I look up to the wall in my office where our poster is pinned and once again I am reminded of the purposes of God and how He wants to use me for His Glory. It also reminds me of what I know is important to our family such as good health and nutrition and I'm so aware of when I fall short or let things slip - oh dear, too many chocolates over Christmas! Those Terry chocolate oranges are my Christmas treat but I received two this year! I really need some real oranges! Time to refocus and see that garden and table brimming with fresh produce become a reality. I'm snacking on lilly pilly fruit at the moment which are packed with vitamin C. It's my new found healthy addiction - can't wait to show you them and hope I have enough soon to make cordial or jelly.

I need to update some aspects of my poster and I'll take some time to do that. I hope this post helps you if you want to create your own family vision poster. Make it your own! Use pictures not just words! Involve your husband and children - you are all in this together! Pop over and visit the Bettermom site. It's new to me but I can see a whole wealth of encouragement and resources over there.

I pray that 2012 is a year when you start to see many of God's promises unfold. Begin by reading them in His Word - they are for you! And take the steps to write down what God places on your heart for your family and see what happens.

In the meantime - I have put a link to my family vision poster on my sidebar so you can come back and read it again if you don't have time today. Or you can follow the link to the post here.


Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a wonderful idea... not only to write it but to have it 'on display'. I love it :)

Oh, and a very Happy New year to you x

Camille said...

What a lovely idea Ann! I didn't *know* you back when you began blogging...thanks for *reposting*. :)

Happy New Year to you and your family!


P.S. I am a *Mum* too! Comes from my husband's family and their British roots. :)

Katy said...

What a fantastic idea Ann! Thank you for sharing it!! :)

Michelle Lackner said...

Super, Ann! I am thinking i will try to adapt the idea for my family, keeping the integrity of the original idea! Thanks for the inspiration :)
ps last Saturday afternoon while dinner was in the oven, managed to watch a couple of Annabel episodes on DVD! :)

Renata said...

Hi Ann
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & a very Happy New Year! I love your family vision poster & I need to make one for us. I find if I write my goals down I am much better at doing them than if I just think about them, but a lovely, colourful poster sounds wonderful.
I hope you are going well. I was thinking of you when we were up in Qld. A few of the bloggers had a meet~up & it was so much fun, but it would have been great to have you along ( even though I'm sure you were no where near there).
I hope you have a wonderful week

Shane Pollard said...

hello Ann
This is another wonderful idea from you.
I agree a poster is a much better place for your Family "mission statement"!
You make it all look like so much fun, no wonder all your family want to be involved - you know I love your philosophy on life and no one writes about it better than you dear Ann!

Big warm hugs for you and all your precious ones.

Shane xox

Pam said...

What a wonderful idea. It does look like such fun, and makes me think of doing something like this on a scrapbooking line. I have been a little out of the blogging of late, but am getting caught up again. Nice to pop in on you and your family and hear a little of your "doings". Blessings to you all.
Much Love,


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