Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The 2011 Homeschool Blog Awards

A pleasant surprise for me today was learning that my blog has been nominated in the 2011 Homeschool Blog Awards! I didn't even know they existed or that they have been around for 7 years and I certainly had no idea that I had been nominated in the first category which is 'Best Homeschool Mom' blog! So thank you to to Beth at livinglifeintentionally, my newest follower who has also been nominated in the best new homeschool blog category for letting me know.

I was feeling a little discouraged in recent weeks and wondering if what I share at my blog is actually read by people and if so, does it actually help them? This is what I want to do and it's why I blog, to encourage and inspire others to cherish the life and the family that God has given them. I started a blog when I found myself isolated and going it alone when my local homeschool support group stopped meeting when a number of parents returned their children to school.

I have found some wonderful friends thanks to this blog. I didn't start a blog to find friends but rather to be a friend to others. I'm still a relatively small blog compared to some of the US blogs where homeschooling and blogging about it is so much more popular. I call myself a 'village blog' - somewhere small but hopefully a pleasant place to visit where you also can read about the extraordinary Australian wildlife we share our forest home with, hence the green tree frog which has been my profile picture from the beginning! I don't seek status or popularity and I'm uncomfortable about even asking you to go and vote for my blog. But I want to reach out and encourage more mothers, especially those who have chosen to take that same journey of teaching their children at home. I want to tell them it is all worth it, keep going, don't give up, you will reap a sweet harvest and your home will be blessed!

If you can help me on my mission to reach out and encourage more moms I will be ever so appreciative! It does not involve subscribing or leaving an email. Just go to the category 'Best Homeschool Mom' which is first on the list, scroll down to eightacresofeden and click the button alongside the name of my blog and press vote - you have just one vote for each person in your household in each category - so if there are seven of you that's 7 votes and there is no age limit so even the baby can vote! Voting is open 7th November through to November 18th.

Here's the link to the awards or click on the button at the top of this post.

Thank you Beth for letting me know. I am very grateful to know that my blog is read by others and that someone chose to nominate me. Thank you whoever you are! I have been encouraged today!


Renata said...

Congrats Ann ~ love your blog XO

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Congratulations! I'm heading over there right now to give you my vote ;)

All the best... :)
Anne x

tylasnan said...

Hi Ann, I read your blog all the time and have just voted. Good luck!

Cheers, Karen.

Suzanne said...

Congrats Ann! I find your blog so very encouraging and I do hope you win--you have my vote:-)

Anonymous said...

Well I for one get a lot of inspiration from your blog. It makes me feel like I am on the right track & not to give in to all the everyday pressures to do it all & instead just be still & raise my family. I love reading about your family & life. And I think you deserve the title of Homeschooler of the year, especially in Aust where it isn't as common to school your kids at home. Something I've always wanted to do, but never had the courage. I don't believe I am organised enough. Can't wait for all your lovely Christmas inspiration.
Luv Niki @ Keepin up with the joneses

Mia said...

I think your blog is wonderful ;)
Keep up the great work, my friend!


Finding Joy said...

That is wonderful news, congrats:). And I love being part of your blogging village, it sounds so nice.

Erin said...

So thrilled this morning to go and vote and find you there:) btw I am still here and reading, just have been slack on the commenting A beautiful place to visit, one day we may meet in person:)

Farming On Faith said...

SO well deserved my sweet friend!

Pam said...

Congratulations, and I have voted... Your blog is definitely an inspiration and an encouragement. Even though I finished with my homeschooling venture... it is still my heart and delight.

Love the frog picture, by the way. Those are the kind of delightful things that are like little jewels in the world of learning.

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. It is lovely to be back, and to be thought of. So sorry to hear about your little one with the broken arm. It sounds like it was a hum dinger... hope that all goes well with the removal of the pins. I will say a prayer for her and you.
Oh, Happy Birthday! Hope you are able to go out and have a deligtful celebration. Wish I were there to have a cup of birthday tea with you.
Much Love,

Camille said...

Congratulations on this nomination Ann! How fun! It's an encouragement to read your thoughts here today. :)

Have a wonderful week!
Many blessings,

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Ann,
I will vote straight away!

My bloggin has slowed down as it seems not many folks come by....well they do but hardly ever comment.

Peace and Love,

Kylie said...

Ann your blog is somewhere I love to come...Very comfy and homely:)


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