Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's Cheer You Up Tuesday!

Dancing and singing praises in the kitchen!

Today I am participating in ' Cheer you up Tuesday' - actually I made that up but it was a Tuesday when I came across this video clip that I want to share with you today (it's Tuesday down under!) and it really did cheer me up! I want to introduce you to my new favourite band. (Scroll to bottom of my post for the clip). They are 'Rend Collective Experiment', a group of talented Irish musicians and singers who have recently toured with Chris Tomlin in the States. Their music is joyous with a folksy kind of feel and I am just loving playing songs from their album 'Organic Family Hymnal'. I love worship music that draws you into the presence of God that just makes you want to 'SHOUT JOYFULLY to the Lord, break forth in song and sing praises.' (Psalm 98.4) I especially like to play music in my home that continually reminds me of God's goodness, His grace and His mercy. It can change the atmosphere in the home, it can help relieve a tense and stressful household, bring sunshine on a rainy day and if you have housework to do you'll whip through it so much quicker - unless it's vacuuming of course. And be prepared to stop and have an impromptu family praise concert if need be. My children (especially the little guy and my twin girls) love this video and I hope you will too. If you want to hear more from Rend Collective Experiment go onto You Tube and find their official videos. My favourite track is 'Faithful' - if you love to hear all kinds of stringed instruments used in worship you will love these guys. The French Horn features on 'Faithful' and it sounds incredible. Hope they come to Australia soon!

Play these songs when you are doing something mundane like laundry - Tip: vintage metal laundry buckets make good drums if you don't have any loud or clashing cymbals lying around the house and you can't help but play along!!!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and may this music bring the sweet and joyful presence of the Lord into your home today.

With Love and Joy,


Joolz said...

Thanks for brightening an otherwise, dull cold day for me! :)

SF said...

Thanks for sharing Ann. :)
ANd I must say I LOVE your new family photo!!! So very beautiful. :) xx

Pam said...

Love the idea of "Cheer you up Tuesday" I do think the world needs cheering up. The picture of baby and the music sure did the trick. Loved it. Also am enjoying catching up on your posts (previous). It was like a good magazine, can't wait to go over it again. Love second hand plates and dishes as well. Can't help myself in collecting. "Second Hand Hospitality" sounds like a title of a new reality t.v. show... one that I would like. I think I might look and see if I can find the movie you were talking about. All of these were day brightners
Many Blessings for a great week Ann

Katy said...

I just **love** that first picture! Absolutely adorable!!! :)

Renata said...

Hi Ann
Thanks for sharing - this is definitely a band my Hubby would love (I'm more a country/ bluegrass girl myself - although I did enjoy this song you shared).
Your little boy is just adorable & growing up so quickly! You bought a smile to my face - even if it's Thursday now:)

Finding Joy said...

Always good to have some uplifting music to life the spirit. Lovely photo of your little boy.

Farming On Faith said...

Oh my goodness that boy is getting so big and so good looking!
I am going to listen to the clip.
Hope you are having a great week!


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