Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm Guest posting at Meal Ministry Mondays

Today I am guest posting at a wonderful new blog I discovered recently. It is called 'Comfy in the Kitchen' and belongs to a beautiful Godly young woman called Janelle who says that she 'comes from a long line of amazing cooks - not chefs - not professionals, just simple Italian ladies who insist on feeding every soul who walks through the door.' Don't you just love that word 'insist'? Who could refuse food from an Italian kitchen? Italian food is my absolute favourite!

Janelle is a wife and a mother to three young children who has continued on her family tradition of ministering to people through food. I am just in awe of the ministry she has established and the number of people she has inspired to join her as they reach out to people from all walks of life in their church and community. Janelle says she is spreading God's love one meal at a time but I could not fail to notice the picture of the trays and trays of cookies for teachers at her son's school! Janelle goes the extra mile and her ministry is Christian hospitality in action - big time!

At her blog you will find recipes and all sorts of culinary inspiration but best of all you will meet a person who understands what hospitality is all about. Do pop over and visit her blog and meet her for yourself. She has graciously allowed me to share one of the posts from my own hospitality archives - a story you may or may not have read at my blog called 'Tea and Honey Sandwiches.' I pray that it will be a blessing to you today and that you, like me, will be inspired to be comfy in your kitchen and use your home to reach out and bless others.

It is no coincidence that this evening we have a guest for dinner. It is quite unusual to have other people to cook for on a Monday but God knew it was Meal Ministry Monday! He's a friend of my son's and I'm thinking a huge deep dish of beef lasagna might be just the meal to prepare for him as he joins our family tonight! My daughter has already made an apple crumble for dessert - I am so blessed that my family are part of the 'ministry of food' that operates out of our home!

Don't forget to go and meet Janelle. You can visit Janelle's delicious blog here or use the button below to view her Meal Ministry Monday posts.
Janelle - it is no coincidence that we met. You have inspired me to not grow weary in doing good. I pray that your meal ministry continues to bless all the people that God sends your way.

With Love and Joy,


Renata said...

Hi Ann
I've missed you - it's lovely to catch up (I'll read your other post in a minute). Janelle's blog sounds wonderful & I look forward to visiting.
Lasange & apple crumble are a favorite combination here for guests too- delicious & filling!
Have a wonderful day - we are finally experiencing some real autumn weather brrrr...
Have a wonderful evening

Finding Joy said...

Hi, I am visiting from "A wise woman" where you wrote about your children's experience in higher education. My eldest (who is 23) and wanted to undertake some further education and I am interested to read about Open University. He works full time and doesn't have time to attend a college, whereas online learning would suit him far better. I gather from your comments that you son has enjoyed his studied, has it been easy to undertake? I understand your daughter and good on her for wanting to do something different. There are lots of short course around. All the best for your daughters activities.

Dmarie said...

that pot of soup looks absolutely delish! you have inspired me to get off the computer and go make some soup. thanks!!

Pam said...

I popped over to "Comfy in the Kitche"'s blog and read your post there. Loved her blog, loved your post... it was so encouraging, and I, like her, am blessed by the story because we have also been on a journey of trusting the Lord in difficult times. Thanks for sharing; It was so inspiring.

Oh, I just wanted to add... I am looking forward to your post on "7 random things"... I know it takes a minute to think of what to share, but I have no doubt we will all enjoy reading and receiving an extra little portion. Enjoyed reading your comments, by the way, and it is interesting how many things we have in common.
Many Blessings,

Janelle Nehrenz said...

Ann, thank you so much for this....I am so touched! MUCH love to you my Sister, Janelle

no spring chicken said...

I'm popping over to meet Janelle right now. But first, It's nice to meet you!

Blessings, Debbie


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