Monday, April 18, 2011

7 Random Facts about me - with pictures!

Pam at 'Where your Treasure is' recently sent me this award and kindly asked if I would accept it and share 7 random facts about myself. I don't tend to publish any awards on my blog but I have been persuaded on this occasion! I have all sorts of ideas for new posts but will wait until Easter is over. My son has tennis clinic this week so I have three trips to town and three hours on each day to wait. I will spend time at the library and enjoy a latte at my favourite cafe which is also a vintage clothing and home wares store. You get to relax on old sofas and cakes and slices are served on vintage china. The coffee is great too. In one of the old wardrobes they have for sale, is a box of toys for young children. Needless to say, my twins love this cafe and it is a favourite meeting place for locals. In the afternoons we are enjoying Christ-centred Easter activities. I will take photos and share them if I have a chance!

In the meantime, here are 7 random facts about me.

1. I have decorating dilemmas all the time!

I love all styles of country decorating - English, French, classic, modern, vintage. I find it it so hard to settle on one style, so you could say my taste is 'eclectic'. I agonize over patterns for furnishings but cannot resist roses on everything! I think that is the English coming out in me. I love English country decorating magazines (and that programme on Prime 7 'Escape to the Country'!) and gush over farmhouse kitchens, timber tables, Agas, dressers stacked with china, fireplaces, lamps, bookcases.

The must 'control clutter' part of my personality is always challenged in the kitchen. Have it all hidden away in cupboards and 'appliance garages' with just a few carefully selected items? I'm thinking of those French country style white kitchens which have just the Kitchen Aid or Epresso machine out on display and maybe the occasional plate on the wall. Totally functional, clear work spaces I like the idea of but there again I love jugs of herbs and baskets of produce out on display. I did take all the notices and photos off the fridge though, as I noticed how cluttered they made a kitchen look in the real estate brochures. I'm aiming for balance these days - the collection of decorative tins had to go, it was too much to dust. I'm finding corners to display what I love but not covering every wall with pictures or every table top with photo frames. I love the warmth of natural timber but also love white painted furniture. I have regretted painting certain pieces white but loved the transformation Antique White USA brought to the old wardrobe I bought (at that vintage shop/ cafe) that became my craft cupboard. To paint or not to paint? You see that's just another of my decorating dilemmas!

2. If I ever found the funds to have Lasik eye surgery and that is highly unlikely, it would be for one reason only - to be able to go on all the water slides at the theme parks! I have always loved water slides and once went on a looping aqua slide at a holiday park in England which was painted black on the inside! Yes, you ride down these tubes in complete darkness! It was insane and I was scared silly but couldn't resist going on time and time again. Even though I am not fond of heights I am prepared to climb to the top of super high slides just for the exhilaration of the slide to the bottom and being thrown out into the water! My days of water sliding were brought to an end when I was advised not to wear contact lenses again after an allergic reaction to the solutions caused a serious eye infection. I'm not game to go on the really big water slides with my blurred vision and now stand on Terra firma watching my children having all the fun. They have inherited the same passion for water slides!

3. One of my favourite words in the English language is 'nostalgia'. To me that means 'looking back with fondness'. I am very nostalgic about England and like to remember all the good things. Having a real Devonshire tea with scones and clotted cream at a traditional 'tea shoppe' in Devon. Lancashire hot pot on a cold winter's day. Hiking in Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Wales. Sunday school picnics. Spending two hours browsing the racks of dresses at Laura Ashley. Marks and Spencers. The natural and unique humour of people from Liverpool and being called 'love' by everyone - my dad, the neighbour next door, bus conductors - when they used to have bus conductors! Going on the 'Ferry cross the Mersey'. I am just loving the documentary 'Coast' airing on television here - it is bringing back so many memories of all the different English seaside resorts I have visited! I am also sentimental about New Zealand. Going to my first All Blacks rugby game. Learning to sing hymns in Maori at church. Chocolate fish and jaffas. Eating steaming food cooked in the ground at a hangi. So many memories! I am such a nostalgic person - don't even get me started on traveling to Europe!

4. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting these guys at the mall - not what I was expecting on grocery shopping day!

They are the guys from the television series 'Bondi Rescue'. To my readers overseas. Should you ever come down under and visit the famous Bondi beach in Sydney and get into trouble in the surf or caught in one of the dangerous rips (that's the calm spot in the water on a surf beach which can take you out to sea, where unsuspecting tourists often choose to swim) you will be very thankful for these young men. They are the lifeguards who have saved the lives of so many people and as they say in Australia, they are really 'top blokes'. I was only popping into Woolworths to buy coffee when my children spotted them! They signed autographs, even drew pictures for my girls and chatted away to us all. I had to ask my daughter what their names were though! We all thought 'Maxi' - the guy in the photo who lifted one of the twins onto his shoulders was the friendliest!

5. I overcame my fear of spiders when I moved to Australia! I had little choice and can now quite happily sit at the desk and not be bothered in the least by a huge brown huntsman spider walking across the wall. I'm very proud of this fact!

6. My favourite muppet was the Swedish chef!
Loved the way he flung that meat cleaver around. I think he should be a judge on Masterchef or 'My Kitchen Rules' - that would make it really fun and then my husband might watch it too, instead of groaning 'not another cooking show' as he reaches for the remote.

7. My dream is to one day own and live in a converted old building - preferably a church that we renovate ourselves. I have it all planned in my head - the layout, the furnishings, the details and the adjoining Biblical herb garden. I would love to run my Christmas decorating seminars from such a location. I have a scrapbook of pictures of converted churches, chapels, barns and old schoolhouses. I am saddened when old church buildings are closed and de-consecrated but would much rather see them turned into family homes than nightclubs or restaurants or left to fall into disrepair.

You can read about a lady who lives in New Zealand who loves ecclesiastical homes here. Click on the gallery to see more of the sensational gardens that surround her property. It is an inspirational story and I am in awe of what she has accomplished. I remember seeing her story on a television show about homes in New Zealand many years ago. It was her home that birthed this dream of ours - my husband shares the same aspirations!

Thank you Pam for encouraging me to write this post. I hope it has helped people to get to know me a little better. I am supposed to pass on the award to another blogger but as Easter week is upon is and I know everyone is going to be busy preparing or going away on holidays I don't want to tag anyone and make them feel obliged to share 7 random things about themselves. I hope that is okay but if you were trying to think of an idea for a post and would like to share 7 random things about yourself let me know and grab the award button if you wish!

I want to wish you a very blessed Easter week. In the midst of making hot cross buns, enjoying chocolate treats and appreciating the beauty of the season, may we never forget the price that was paid that we might live.... forever!

'I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.'

The words of Jesus John 11 25-26.

With Love and Joy,


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Absouluetly loved reading that!!! Happy easter Ann....

Homeschool on the Croft said...

That was great! I hope you do get your converted-from-a-church-home one day - how amazing would that be to blog/read about!
(love the scones - I made some on Saturday, and they lasted about 5 minutes!)

And I love that you're am I, though now I live 'back home' - right where hubby was brought up and less than a mile from where I was. So my nostaligias are satisfied!

Shane Pollard said...

Hi dear Ann
What a wonderful post and it's so nice to learn a little more about you!
I've got a decorating dilemma just like you.
I love French country and Proven├žal, in fact my home has a lot of French touches.
But then I've always loved the English country house style too with big squashy chesterfields and chairs covered in beautiful flowery Sanderson linens and chintz.
I too have the nostalgia bug!
Interesting story about the lady who built her house from several deconsecrated churches - do you get the NZ House & Garden there?

It was so nice to see a comment from you this morning Ann.
I had been gone for so longer I thought I might have been abandoned - but my faith has been restored as I seem to have a little core of wonderful followers who keep popping in to see me - (even tho I'm an erratic blogger)!
The blogging world is not too different from our real lives I guess.
Wishing you a very happy and holy Easter if I don't catch you before.
God Bless
PS I made cheese scones for our supper this evening - yummy with Guava jelly I made last week!!

Beth said...

What a nice post! I'm looking forward to hearing about your Christ centered Easter this year!

Farming On Faith said...

Oh I so enjoyed reading this post!
Have a blessed Easter week my sweet Friend!

SF said...

I so enjoyed reading this post Ann. :) Nice to catch up with you in! xx

Finding Joy said...

I was interested in the fact you are cured of your fear of spiders. I don't cope well when a large huntsman spider invades my home, I usually dance around and make a lot of unnecessary noise!! My behavior improves when the spider is removed!

I am the no clutter kitchen type of woman, keeps my stress levels down. But not to the extreme of having nothing on my benches.

Nice getting to know you a little better.

In Christ.


Camille said...

LOL...I like the Swedish Chef too! This was a fun list...I can see why you posted the award and took the challenge to write about it. :)

Many blessings to you and your family this Easter Weekend as you celebrate the LORD's death and Resurrection together Ann.

In Him,

Pam said...

I loved reading your post Anne. It was great fun to get to read all of that. I have to say, I could relate to so many things that you said, and would describe myself with the same decorating dilema, almost to a tee.

Sorry it took me so long to get over here and read it. It has definitely been a hectic week. I loved the variety of facts you gave... I am thinking when you pass this on, you should pose the questions... I think you have a wonderful ideas. Also, love the idea of the re-doing and living in a Church, am looking forward to checking out the link.

I love you favorite word. Its a great word. Mine would be "cozy", and it encompasses the idea of "nostalgia" when I think of it.

Many Blessings to you and your family, and hope you have a wonderful Easter.
Much Love,

Niki Jones said...

Loved hearing all about you. So nice to have an insight into your "personality", Ann.
I hope you have a beautiful Easter with your gorgeous family.
Our Easter dinner is about to start here at ours.
You'd be proud of me, all prepped, ready to go, with lots of home cooking.
God Bless, Love Niki.


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