Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hurrah for Hats!

We are having an Indian summer. Soaring heat and humidity - the perfect recipe for a bad hair day and a sun induced headache. I took a trip into town to go to the Farmer's markets today, the temperature was rising, it was going to be a scorcher and as per usual, on my way out I grabbed the one accessory I cannot do without - my hat.

For as long as I can remember, I have had a fascination with hats and have always loved wearing them. I don't just wear them for sun protection, although this is a very good reason for wearing a hat. I wear them in winter to keep my head warm but the main reason I wear them is because I love to wear them - period! This sometimes does set me apart - I like to find unusual styles and I love vintage hats, particularly those from the Edwardian era - remember the movie 'Miss Potter' starring Renee Zellweger? This is one of my favourite movies and she wore so many different gorgeous hats - some quite quirky ones too! I was in hat heaven! If you have not seen this movie I highly recommend it.

This is the hat I am wearing this summer. It has a wide brim that has wire in it so you can adjust it to suit your face. It means the brim doesn't flop down into your eyes when you are driving but it really shields your face from the sun. It is lightweight and its neutral cream colour trimmed with ecru, means it accessorizes well with most outfits. A little matching rose ruffle on the side adds a decorative finishing touch. It is one of the best summer hats I have owned.

I really love navy blue hats or French navy as I used to know it in England. Most of the winter hats I own are navy and made of velvet. I have a weakness for hats made of velvet and could not quite believe it when I found this hat perched on the end of an antique dressing table in a secondhand furniture store. The price on the tag was $5 but the label inside stated 'Made in Europe'. It fitted perfectly. It is my winter hat that I wear on cooler days in other seasons too. I call it my 'Miss Potter' hat and I absolutely adore it - I think it is the bow on the end that so endears it to me. My daughter would say it is a granny hat but I say it is vintage!

I have another navy blue hat I sometimes wear during colder weather. It is also velvet and looking a little dusty as the photo shows - it has been some time since I last wore it! My husband bought it for me when we lived in Nelson in New Zealand. It was hand made by a local designer. It is quite' bohemian' and I 'm not really sure if it is me but because it was a gift from my husband in the early years of our marriage I will treasure it always. It used to have a hat pin with glass beads that held back the front brim on one side. I have used different brooches over the years to adorn it but I'm thinking of re-instating the hat pin - I have lots of beads but where to find a hat pin?

Every girl with a collection of hats needs somewhere to hang her hat. My hats were stuffed into drawers until I found this hall stand at a garage sale. It is just outside the master bedroom. I often hang my bag and scarves here too. Coats would be too bulky hung on this stand - I'm sure it was designed to be a hat stand and meant for me - it was found at a garage sale after all!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my hat collection. Once upon a time women wore hats and wore them well. Hats were not just not for going to church or to a wedding but were worn on all sorts of occasions. Men also wore hats and wore them well. The photograph above is of my grandfather - I never knew him, he died before I was born but doesn't he look so dapper, so smart? My father always wore a trilby hat so maybe hat wearing is in my blood! The post cards are from my grandmother's collection - the card on the left is an actual photograph of a group of people in Edwardian England enjoying a picnic at the park. Most of the men, women and young people are wearing hats, their Sunday best perhaps? Was this a Sunday school picnic? They are sipping tea from real china cups. It is a fading photograph of an era when there was no such word as casual. Hats are back in vogue for days at the horse races - that is not my lifestyle but I want to wear hats - so I do. Why wait for a wedding invitation or a scorching summer's day?

Do you wear hats? Do you have a hat collection? What is your favourite hat? Are you brave enough to wear a style that is a little different to the usual cotton, totally not flattering 'bucket' hat so popular in Australia? What are your reasons for choosing to wear a hat? I must let you know I have pale skin which easily burns but have no sun damage on my skin and very few wrinkles at the age of 44 - hurrah for hats!

With Love and Joy,


Homeschool on the Croft said...

Oh my! I love the hats, and I love that you wear them. They are so elegant and transform any outfit, I think. Sadly, I only wear them to church, and don't wear them at all out and about. Considering our weather, there's not too much need in summer, but oh, in winter - there definitely is!
Doesn't your grandfather look wonderful. I adore men dressed like this. They're so classy - from a chivalrous age, now sadly gone... It's not just the hats that have gone, but so many of the characteristics of the men who wore them :(

Lovely post.
Oh - I love the hat stand in the hall.... gorgeous x

Farming On Faith said...

Oh Ann~
You are too cute in your hat. I love hats on others but never like them on me. I wish I did.
I loved this post~so enjoyed my visit with you today.
Have a wonderful day. We are cold again today.
Wish I could blow you some free A/C.
Blessings Friend~

Tina said...

I love to wear hats and I collect them too. I have about 8-10 hats. I do wear a hat when I am outside in the sun. Now, I need to post my hats on my blog, so you can see them.

A Happy Hatter,

Pam said...

I love your post. You look great in a hat. I don't wear a hat too well... I have a hard time trying to figure out what to do with my bangs, and then my forehead doesn't seem right... perhaps I need someone to teach me the best way to wear them, because I really do think they are fun. Love those eras where hats and skirts were worn fashionably and commonly. My favorite era's are 30's and 40's. I love the look of hats because they remind me of those by-gone eras where life seemed simpler and lovelier. Your first hat is my favorite.

"Miss Potter" is one of my favorites too. You have made me in the mood to watch it again, I haven't seen it in a while. Enjoyed all the pics. Many Blessings,

Jen's Busy Days said...

I wore a hat that I still have for my wedding. I just didn't feel right in a big flouncy wedding dress so wore a long lace sleeved jacket over a knee length skirt that had a lovely swirly hem. My hat had cream roses on it and a veil. It is stored in my grandmother's hat box. Every so often it comes out to show the boys.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW
who wishes she had enough courage to have style and stand out in the crowd by wearing the hats and scarves I like too

American Home said...

Your hats are adorable!!! I have been away for a while and it is great to see your blog again!


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