Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Figuring Life Out - One Thousand Gifts

After watching this today I was changed. A realization that I didn't want to miss a moment, not one. I had things to do and places to go. Even as I was driving my son to his tennis clinic, the words and phrases were playing over in my head - 'life is not an emergency.' 'These are all gifts.' I thanked God for every bend in my country road - around each corner a new vista of emerald green thanks to sunshine after rain. I drove like a Sunday driver taking the scenic route. It 's not Sunday but I do take the scenic route to town, taking joy in the journey - so much to be thankful for. A baby boy, just one year old singing in his car seat . The song he was clapping to and raising hands for - ' Everything that has breath praise the Lord'. My daughter sitting alongside him let me know about this - he loves music and he worships! I could hear his singing but to have her tell me 'Mum, he's raising his hands!' I was so glad I had not missed this moment. There were many more moments today - seeing my son's excitement at just holding a tennis racquet in his hand, landing his serve and enjoying his moments on the court - this is what he looks forward to. I have asked him many times what he wants to do - the answer is always the same, 'Play tennis'. I spoke with his coach who tells me he has a natural talent for the game. He is gifted. Today has been all about gifts and recognizing them.

I know by now many of you will have seen this beautiful video, it is probably going to feature or be mentioned at one thousand blogs in the coming days - if you follow Ann Voskamp's blog 'A Holy Experience' you will know all about the One Thousand Gifts and may even be participating in that challenge. But there will be some who have never encountered Ann's writing, visited her blog or know about the book.... some blogs become books. I love that! There is something about books, written words on paper. I can hold a book and it feels like it is mine, written for me. I eagerly await its arrival in Australia. As another Ann without an e who is inspired to write (see my last post) I felt compelled to share this at my blog today. For someone - maybe you. I pray this touches your heart, your life and that after watching this you take the time to figure life out. You can - its in the moments and the tiniest details of your day, don't miss them!

With Love and Joy,


Farming On Faith said...

Oh that we may keep our eyes wide open and not miss a moment. We are on the same page today so many miles away. I added your video to my post today. Wish we could sit and visit in person.
You have a great day~My Friend!
Praying the flooding is getting better!

Renata said...

Ann thank you so much for sharing this. I've been following AnnÅ› blog (get it through email) for about 6 months now, but I hadn't stopped to watch this yet. Thanks for encouraging us to stop & watch - it has inspired me to savor each & every moment.
Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog - I am so pleased you got those homestead blessings - they are just wonderful. I have some of mine loaned out to friends at the moment & they are enjoying them as well! I ordered their CD for christmas (I love blue grass music) - my children & I have enjoyed playing it over & over & over in the car - we all sing along as well - so precious!
Hope your preperations for your trip goes really well & that you have a lovely time
PS Where did you order the book from? I intend to get a copy myself.

Camille said...

Oh how wonderful it is to *fully live* IN the moments the LORD ordains for us! How precious it is to enter into the *everyday* and the *mundane*...these are the memories we will cherish one day...I am sure of it! :)

Many blessings to you!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

The book has not arrived in Australia yet but Koorong are going to stock it. It says a 3-5 week wait but only 22 copies are on order which surprises me. I have ordered mine! I couldn't find it on Fishpond but you could always get it from Amazon.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

So True!!!! There is something special and wonderful tomsavour each and everyday if we just "STOP" and do so


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