Monday, September 13, 2010

Two Lovely Links!

Today I want to share with you two lovely links. The first is a short You Tube video of the Christian singer/songwriter Christy Nockels sharing on 'Being a Mom'. This is where I first came across the statement 'Inviting the glorious into the mundane.' Since viewing this clip (it's just over 6 minutes) not a day has gone by when I have not thought about inviting the glorious into the mundane. One short but profound statement that has really affected me and is transforming the way in which I think about my life and and carry out my daily work as a wife, mother and homemaker.
You may have already viewed this but I'm sharing it here as I believe if it only encourages one other mother it was worth putting up the link. I love links that offer hope and encouragement rather than just amusement! You will find part 2 of Christy's message at youtube.

And the second link is a fabulous new cooking show that I could have missed but thanks to my sister-in-law in New Zealand adding a 'like' and a link on Facebook I have discovered the 'freerange cook'. I've missed the first few episodes but it airs every Saturday night at 6pm on ABC1 just before Gardening Australia. I believe it is also international but don't know when or where it is aired - assuming one of the Food networks.

My free range children - when they were smaller.
This is Banks Peninsula not too far from Christchurch which experienced the big earthquake recently. This is where we used to holiday. I do miss the scenery of the South Island.

What is so special about this show is that it is filmed in the most spectacular of settings with the Southern Alps of New Zealand's South Island as the backdrop. Annabel Langbein is a well known kiwi cookery writer/presenter known for her love of seasonal fresh produce and simple but stylish food. Her family owns a cabin on the shores of Lake Wanaka and this is the setting for the series - her kitchen and vegetable garden which provides much of the produce for the recipes she shares which are presented in the format of a three to four course meal that she prepares for family and friends. It is worth watching for the scenery alone and it is making me a little homesick for New Zealand. I have visited all of these places including the stone walled town where Annabel shops for produce at the farmer's market. If you love to cook uncomplicated food that is organic, fresh, seasonal and straight out of the garden or bought direct from the farmer you will love this show. I'm not missing another episode. I was so annoyed to have missed the Gourmet Farmer on SBS - read about it on the blogs after the series had ended! If you loved that show I'm certain you will love the Free Range Cook. You will also love her accent - I'm going to ask my friends if I say frish when I say fresh!

You can watch previews of the show at the website
There are also featured recipes (I am making the salsa verde next time we have lamb) and a slide show of the glorious scenery. You can also view missed episodes at the ABC website using their iview service.

My daughter enjoying the park at Akaroa (a most beautiful place!)
We always send our friends visiting NZ here!

I'm also excited because we have just booked our tickets for a trip to New Zealand next February. We will be going to the North Island and staying with family on the Coromandel Peninsula which has stunning coastal scenery. It is almost ten years since we left New Zealand and I'm looking forward to showing my older children the places where they were born and where they spent their early years.

Hope you enjoy these links. Have you seen the Free Range Cook yet?
Are you watching Junior Masterchef? Wow - did you see what those kids were making? All I want to know is whatever happened to cupcakes and pikelets?

With Love and Joy,


Enchanted Moments said...

Fantastic way to start the day, I have a pile of laundry to get through and the house to pick up from the weekend....thanks for the inspiration......
Cupcakes and Pikelets still reign supreme in this home...........dont worry about that...x

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Your trip to NZ sounds wonderful! How great for you all!
Yes My kids were desperate to see Junior master chef! aND i TOO HAD THE WOW FACTOR!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

CAN'T WAIT To check out these links! Thank you thank you!!!!

SF said...

I'm so glad you are going back to NZ for a holiday!! How wonderful. :) And yes, we watched Junior Masterchef and I was quite blown away by those kids. It's certainly inspired Saraya (we recorded it for her), and I noticed her putting special effort into presenting her french toast to me this morning! Very cute. xx

Suzanne said...

What a beautiful place indeed! Thanks for the link to the video too:-)

Renata said...

Thanks for the links Ann - I hadn't heard of the free range cook, but now I've written myself a big note to put on my fridge to remind me to watch on Saturday!!!
As for Gourmet farmer - see if you can borrow the DVD from your library - I was able to have our library get it in from another one & it was wonderful (I'm kinda hoping to get it for my birthday !!)
The talk by Christy Nockels was great - I was able to sit down & watch both parts as today our home school group was cancelled due to sick children - so I feel like I have a bonus morning!
I'm also so pleased you will be able to visit NZ again & I look forward to seeing lots of beautiful photos from your holiday!!
Have a wonderful day

Camille said...

Such gorgeous photos of your children "in their younger years" Ann! Such a pretty spot! How lovely that you get to visit NZ in February...wonderful!

LOL...I know what cupcakes are, but what in the world are "pikelets"???? :)


Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Ann~

What great links~

I really like the Free Range Cook~ I wrote the recipes down. Yummo!

I love the lingo she uses....rash of bacon and such. Different country different slang.

My laundry is way behind:(

I love the free range children :)

Blessings to you,


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