Thursday, August 5, 2010

Announcing the Winner!

It was meant to be the other twin' s turn to draw out a name but as the 'Smiler' at 7 months old has really good fine motor skills, I gave him the opportunity to put his little hand into a box filled with slips of paper with names written on to see if he could extract just one slip and sure enough he did! You know what this means - I now need to keep my floors super clean and swept - he's not crawling yet but can do amazing 360 degree rotations on his tummy and he is intrigued by the tiniest bits of debris on the floor. All Lego blocks are now in lock up and banned from the dining room floor!

Before he had the chance to eat the slip of paper I managed to prise it from his hand. And the winner is Renata! Congratulations Renata - I hope you enjoy all the gifts in the package. I had so much fun putting it together. I also really enjoyed reading all the comments about why you all cherish your families. Loved Chris's comment about her family being a 'gift she needs to just keep on reopening.' What a beautiful thought! That really touched and blessed me! I will be in touch with our winner Renata over the weekend - I need your address and I will post it out to you next week on my 'town day'. Email me if you read this first!

With Love and Joy,


SF said...

Congratulations Renata! :D
I would have LOVED to enter this giveaway Ann... but we've been without internet for over a week! :( Never mind. xx

Renata said...

Oh Ann - thankyou very much! I'm so excited to have won such a lovely selection of things - they are exactly the style I love!
Thanks to your precious smiler for choosing my name - give him a hug from me!
Will email you this evening
Renata :)

Chris said...

Well done Renata, and thanks for the give-away opportunity Ann & Family.

You really got me thinking about what "cherish" really means. :)


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