Monday, July 5, 2010

A Handmade Bon Bon for a Wedding

Who said crackers were only for Christmas? It was such a joy to create this very special cracker or bon bon as they are also referred to, as a gift for the bride and groom at the wedding we attended on the most glorious winter's day over the weekend.

I searched for inspiration on google images but the only hand made wedding crackers I could find looked 'manufactured', not that different to commercial Christmas crackers. I did find images of my own hand made Christmas crackers - aha there was the type of bon bon I was hoping to make! I wanted to create a vintage style bon bon, so I delved into my baskets of trims, laces, silk ribbons and roses.

The bon bon is trimmed with sheer ribbon, pearl strands, a silk ribbon rose, tiny pearls and just a touch of green and a sliver of silver. All these trims are recycled. The antique white lace that trims the border is vintage lace from my collection. The crepe paper I used to cover the body of the bon bon had faded which was perfect for the look I was hoping to achieve.

And in case you are wondering - yes, it can be pulled! There is a snap inside but if the couple want to keep it intact there is a solution. On the lower end, only the rose is attached to the ribbon tie. This can be pulled off and the ribbon unties. There is no pearl strand on this section and with a gentle shake the contents can be extracted. This bon bon holds wrapped chocolates and a gift of money. The ribbon can be retied and a dab of craft glue is needed to reposition the rose.

I presented the couple with their gift later in the day as the celebrations were drawing to a close. This was a country wedding held in a beautiful riverside location. The weather forecast was for rain but God answered all our prayers and the sun was shining. Praise and worship songs filled the air as we awaited the arrival of the bride - her smile was as radiant as the sun, as she walked the forest aisle strewn with rose petals to meet her beloved!

Awaiting the arrival of the bride.... his first wedding!

Following the ceremony we adjourned to the venue for the reception at a beautiful country property nearby. A picnic on the grounds - white chairs and tables set with linen cloths, stems of creamy white magnolias and country wildflower bouquets, white lanterns, hand cut banners of paper birds strung between trees. Picnic rugs and delicious food prepared by family and friends. Guests talking, friends and church family enjoying sweet fellowship, children laughing and playing. No need to organize entertainment for the children when there is a tyre swing like this!

God's light was shining on this day. A most memorable wedding. Different, unique, creative, beautiful - just like the young couple who were being married. I would love to show you more pictures but I would need to seek permission first - this is something as a blogger I choose to do if I am going to share pictures of people not from my immediate family - hope you understand!

If you would like to know how to make a cracker you may like to visit my Christmas blog where there is a step by step tutorial. I am thinking of possibly starting up a small business from home, creating unique and beautiful bon bons made to order for Christmas and special occasions - I'm still deliberating- what do you think? I have the passion - this is one of the creative things I love to do but do I have the time? Watch this space.

Hope the sun was shining on your weekend, especially my American friends as you celebrated 4Th July.

With Love and Joy,

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You will find the time to do such a thing.
It would be wonderful and so unique.
Oprah says make your passion your profession....Mine is just a hobby but has some handy pocket money attatched sometimes

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Hi Ann Nice to meet you. What a lovely idea for Bon Bons Ann. Sure would love to see more pics of the wedding. You do live in one of the prettiest areas of Australia.We drove through a few weeks ago.

Niki said...

Ann, I'm getting remarried to my hubsters & your invited, so I can have one of your bon-bons. Ha
I love this idea. Such a beautiful, personal way to gift money to the happy couple.

Camille said...

Oh Ann you did such a fabulous job!! I'm sure the bride and groom were thrilled! What a GORGEOUS day for a lovely! I do the same thing about pictures of people...I totally understand! :)

Have a wonderful week!

Joolz said...

The bon-bon is beautiful and is a great gift. We have a wedding to go to in September so I may just use your idea. Family, country wedding are the best.

Cheers - Joolz

count it all joy said...

Ann, you are so thoughtful - what a beautiful, unique present for a wedding. Is there no end to your talents?! By the way, loved reading Catalogliving...hilarious:) Hope you and your lovely ones are enjoying the break from studies. Meredy xo.

American Home said...

Dear Friend,
This is wonderful. I have never seen one of these before! This custom is new to me. You are so beautifully creative. God has given you a precious gift of sharing your heart with others. The bride must have been truly touched by your thoughtfulness.
God bless You,

PS: I also left a comment for you on my blog. Have a wonderful week.

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Ann, you are so thoughtful and creative. What a beautiful gift. I haven't seen a cracker since I was a little girl. Thanks for sharing this and sparking memories. You are so talented.
Many Blessings,

Farming On Faith said...

Just beautiful. What actually is inside? I may sound silly but I have never heard of this before.

Shane Pollard said...

Hello Ann

I have just found your beautiful blog.
I got such a warm feeling reading through this post. I treasure children too and it's always nice to meet others who feel the same.

Your bonbons - aka crackers - are wonderful, and YES you must sell them! Get in there Ann and flood the market before someone else steals YOUR idea.

I've joined both your blogs now.
Please come and visit me if you get time one day - I will get out my prettiest teacups and make you very welcome!!!

Renata said...

This is such a beautiful idea & what a lovely venue for the wedding!
Your baby is so cute & growing fast!
Have a lovely day


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