Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Giveaway!

I recently celebrated my 100th post with a giveaway for my friends in the US and Canada. My friends in Australia (where I live) and New Zealand (where I used to live!) this giveaway is for you to enter. I have put together a little package of gifts that reflect me and my blog. I hope you like what I have chosen! They do not come to you via company sponsorship - they are items that I purchased. To my dear friends overseas, sorry - I'm only opening this to my Aussie and Kiwi readers as they were not eligible to enter the previous giveaway. Please do browse the post - it might give you ideas for putting together gift packages for your friends for birthdays and special occasions!

Here is what the prize package contains:

The latest Donna Hay Kids Annual
As you know, if you read my blog, I love to spend time in the kitchen with my children and teach them to cook. You will not find me queuing up at the toy sales to purchase a plastic play kitchen and I've always resisted the temptation to buy them at garage sales. I don't even bother with making play dough - we much prefer to 'play' and learn in a real kitchen with real ingredients! For this reason, I love Donna Hay's kids annual! I'm taking a chance here, it is so popular and was sold out at many newsagents I visited but I managed to find an issue but if you already have purchased it and you win a second copy - pay it forward and bless one of your friends or if do not have young children maybe there is a mum in your neighbourhood or church you can give it to. It is packed with recipes and as usual, amazing and creative ideas for birthday parties and cakes. Just take a peek inside...

Look at this gorgeous 'pretty in pink' party for little girls!

But would you dare serve jellies in your fine china tea cups to five year olds?!!!

I can imagine myself sipping a cup of fragrant tea in those cups - and speaking of tea the second item is.....

A packet of 'Rainforest Magic' premium loose leaf tea. I purchased this at the Farmer's Markets. It is Daintree tea made and packaged in Australia. I chose this blend to reflect my home in the bush, we actually have pockets of rainforest on our property! The tea is chemical free (love that!) and infused with sweet orange and blended with lemongrass, hibiscus flowers and blackberry.

A candle with a botanical design of butterflies and birds!
After visiting the Farmer's markets I gave myself a little treat and spent some time in a gorgeous gift shop looking for suitable prizes for this giveaway. Okay, I spent a lot of time - this store is packed with French style home wares - lots of cream wrought iron furniture, linens, silk flowers, scented soaps and candles - I love candles and could not resist this one with its botanical print which is on the candle itself and not the protective wrapper. Will you actually want to light it?

A tiny decorative ceramic tile which expresses what matters most!

And then I spied this - the theme of my blog is all about family and 'Raising Beautiful Children in a Beautiful Place' and I thought this would be perfect for a giveaway from my blog. It comes on a little wire stand - I would choose to set it out near a display of family photographs. There were other designs too - expressing sentiments such as love, faith and friends. I admit it looked so lovely on my hand painted butler's tray I was tempted to keep it, the tile that is (the butler's tray is not part of the prize, that is one of my best ever garage sale finds and for display purposes only - sorry!) but there was only one 'family' tile left - no, this tile is for you if you are the winner and hopefully, the shop will be getting some more in stock soon - any excuse to visit!

And finally a sweet treat - a bar of Green and Black's organic milk chocolate. Their butterscotch flavour is my favourite, indeed this is my favourite chocolate and as the packaging states, it is 'extremely moreish', so only share it with your partner and hide it from the children!

So all you have to do to enter is..

1. Leave me a comment and let me know why you cherish your family.

2. Remind me that you are already following or sign up to follow my blog and you receive a second entry.

3. Post a link at your own blog to my giveaway and receive a third chance to win!

I will keep the giveaway open for one week - enter by next Thursday 5th July 1pm AEST time to be entered in the draw. The other twin eagerly awaits her chance to draw a name out of the hat which we will do following the close of the draw. I will do my best to announce the winner before the weekend but it may have to wait until the following week if I get busy or the internet drops out (both of these things are likely here!)

Looking forward to reading your comments and blessing someone soon! If the winner is from NZ I will not be able to include the tea due to quarantine restrictions. I know you will understand!

With Love and Joy,

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Dalinz said...

I love the way you describe how much thought went into each gift...

Why do I cherish my family? It is what makes my job as SAHM so important. I thank God for my family as without them I would not be who I am today. They have taught me patience, love, kindness, openess, boundaries just to name a few. My Husband and I never thought we would have children so to have two little miracles is truly a blessing...

Will now go and put your post up on my blog. :)

Love your entries... oh wise one. :) xo

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Hi Ann I "follow" you:)
And My Family are soooo Important as They make me who I am and are really the start middle and end to My "story".
I love the time and energy they give and (take) from me:) and their happiness is My Paramount priority.
God knew best and that is why we all ended up with one another.
I will also add to my blog but give me a day or so as things here are crazy!
I would love to win such meaningful things but more so to try this green and black brand choc you always tease us talking about!!! lol!!!

Vi said...

Hi, I just found your wonderful blog.
I am now following. :-)
What a lovely prize to win.

I cherish my family so much, It is important to me to be there every step of the way in my sons life. My family give my life meaning and a depth of love that is beyond anything.

Renata said...

Hi Ann
This is such a beautiful prize - what a fun giveaway! My family is so important to me - I cherish every little thing about them - I know the time with them is going so quickly. Children truely are a blessing from the Lord - I remember when I found out I was having twins that I felt like the most blessed woman ever!!!!
I (of course) follow your blog - also I have added about your giveaway to the bottom of my current post about Zai's b'day (hope that's alright)
Have a lovely evening

simplelife said...

oh I'm in!
Why I cherish my family....without them I wouldn't be who I am, they have and still are teaching me so much. They have made me a much less selfish person and they bring me so much joy. I love them dearly, and always will no matter what.

cheers Kate

meeyeehere said...

I cherish my family because they save from a life of lonliness,boredom and a life without knowing the greatest love. We all stick together,support each other and I have yet to experience a greater love than the love of my 2 year old son. No one could ever love me like that and I could never feel that way for another person. My husband,mother,sister,niece and my son are my whole world.

meeyeehere said...

new follower here! I love chocolate too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Lovely items you have chosen.I cherish my family because they have been given to me from God, a beautiful gift.Our life has opened up because of them and I have enjoyed every moment with them all. I feel very blessed and in awe of each one of my children with their own unique personalities, gifts and talents.
Thankyou for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Angela K

Dove's Rest said...

Hey Ann, I 'follow'!
Even before I knew who they are, I wanted my little family. I wanted and prayed for my husband and then I desired to have our children with us. I have wanted and even loved them before I knew them! They are my passion and purpose and I could be anywhere with them and I would be HOME. My role as mumma and homeschooler is the hardest job I've ever loved, but I can only do it because of my father in heaven holding my hand each day, reminding me, nurturing me, scolding me and loving me like only God can. I cherish them because God cherishes me and there's just no other option!
I look at your beautiful children (& grown -ups)and your family inspires me to love my own and take joy in all the small things in life.
My favourite thing is the Rainforest Magic Tea and the 'Family' Tile. Having a cuppa and admiring beauty around me is my way to recharge for the day ahead. Tea is my comfort and sometimes a lifesaver!!!
I love your blog, thankyou for your posts, and thanks for the fun giveaway idea, I await in anticipation!Have fun twin 2 picking the winners.

Ruby said...

I just came over from Dove's Rest where Renelle had a post about this give away. I love the look of your blog and will now take a little look around!

Camille said...

Dear Ann ~ I cannot be entered into this giveaway, but I just had to comment...everything you chose is SO LOVELY!! Wouldn't it be fun to have a cup of tea together one day? If you ever do come to Canada (West Coast), do let me know! :)


Jen said...

Hi Ann, I "follow" you too. Isn't it lovely how with the internet we make friends all over the world and even find some gems close to home?

My family is so very important to me because they have helped me to become a better person. I love being able to serve them. Each and every one of them makes me smile and I love figuring out ways to make them smile and know they are loved. Each person is so different and I have to be very observant and creative. This is not a chore but a pleasure. I love my family and I love reading about yours and love learning how I can do more for mine.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Elinor said...

Hi Ann,

I wrote in the back of my bible years ago that I wanted to get married and have children - way before I met my husband... when I was dating him I let him know that I would love 4 children and 11 years later that is what we have. I feel so blessed to have my children - my family mean the world to me and I am ever thankful to God that He gave me my lovely husband and children every day.
congrats on your 100th post.. and of course I am a follower...

Chris said...

Hi Ann & Family.

I'd love to join in your giveaway.

I'm lost for words in how I could describe the way I cherish my husband & daughter. In many ways (and I'm being completely honest here) I can take them for granted.

Yet when we fall down, we do it together. We get up together too. They are the seasons I live by, my food and my life.

They are a gift I keep needing to re-open. :)

Rebecca D. said...

Hello Ann,
I am writing from way down south, in the south of Tassie. I will sign up to follow your blog - I have been reading for quite a while now, and very much enjoy doing so! (I think I have commented once before ...) I don't have a blog of my own, so cannot add a link to yours ...
Why do I cherish my family? (amazing man who is my dearest friend & 7 precious ones ages 14 down to just- turned-one; also Little One in the womb) They are a dream come true! When I was 14, I had a bad horse riding accident. I remember the doctor saying "We don't know if you'll walk again, and you may never have children". Indeed our Lord gives GOOD gifts, far beyond anything we could ask or imagine!
Blessings to you and your precious ones,
Rebecca D.


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