Monday, March 22, 2010

I've gone bananas over lemon myrtle!

What's a girl to do with yet another bunch of bananas? I didn't think it was possible to run out of baskets (I love my baskets and I have a few, okay, it is more than a few!) but every basket I own is filled with bananas and they are ripening one by one.

As soon as they ripen the bananas disappear. The twins have not spotted these two yellow ones!

A green harvest - most of the produce we are harvesting at the moment is green. So much mint I use it not just for cooking( though I love it finely chopped and added to yoghurt to accompany a pumpkin curry) but to simply decorate my kitchen bench. I love the fresh scent and it helps to repel the flies. Need a bay leaf? I have a never ending supply from our bay tree! I always pop one into sauces and stews.

Not as many limes this year after last season's prolific harvest but there are still enough to pick, slice and squeeze to add to salad dressings or to squeeze over the chicken before it goes into the oven to roast. Or to add to a cake recipe for an extra zing!

This is lemon myrtle yoghurt, lime and coconut cake. Absolutely delicious! My invention so if you want the recipe just ask - you could substitute lemon but lemon myrtle makes it extra special. It's an Australian bush food and one of my favourite flavours.

My local supermarket sells lemon myrtle yoghurt in 500 gram tubs. Buy in bulk I say! Much better value for money but seriously half a kilo of Hastings Valley's Lemon Myrtle and Honey yoghurt is way too much temptation. It really is an Australian indulgence! Now I did add a good dollop to the cake batter but ......

I couldn't help myself!

I have now purchased a lemon myrtle bush (it is the leaves that produce the scent not fruit!) and I also have powdered lemon myrtle in the fridge. I'm thinking of adding it to beeswax to make a wood polish. Anyone tried this? I used to buy an all natural commercial lemon myrtle furniture polish but I loved the scent so much I became addicted to polishing and used the tub up in record time, the furniture wasn't even dusty! I even used the polish to shine and condition my favourite leather boots and during autumn and winter took the scent with me when I went into town. I could hear people asking 'Can you smell lemon?' as I stood in queues at the checkout!

What are you enjoying today as you stand at your kitchen sink? Unless you live in Australia you are probably not enjoying the scent or taste of lemon myrtle. Sorry! Wish I could do a scented blog post. Just imagine lemon but sharper, fresher. Today I am sighing at the sight of the first camellias of the season. Cooler months are on the way! I'm going to make another sweet sourdough fruit and nut bread today packed with plump, juicy, non- sulphured dried apricots. It's our favourite supper treat at the moment. I might serve up slices on these glass plates. My only garage sale purchase on the weekend.

I just love these pair of wine goblets. There were only two but at 50 cents each I was not leaving them behind. The stack of plates were $5. They will make lovely dessert plates.

Although it is autumn, it is still warm enough to swim. This is where we were yesterday! Oh the joys and exhilaration of swimming in chemical free water in a beautiful natural setting. It just happens to be my home - I am so blessed.

With love and joy,

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SF said...

What a beautiful post Ann! I don't have banana trees yet, but need to get my hands on some as we eat bananas like they're going out of fashion! I used to grow mint at our old house and loved making my own apple-mint tea. Need to plant some here now too.
That yoghurt sounds interesting. I used to have a friend who loved lemon myrtle tea.
Are the children swimming in a dam or a creek? It looks lovely. I'm yet to determine if our dam is okay to swim in!
Oh and lastly, would you mind sharing your pumpkin curry recipe? I think that's one I'd love to try! xoxo

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Blessed you are!
Everything sounds soooo wonderful and so down to earth!
You are well looked after Ann,And how wonderful that you realsie and cherish your blessings:)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Very cool!
You should set up a fruit stand!
You are so blessed to have all that fruit! WOW!
(Just don't let the banana's spoil and ruin your baskets!)

As you all head into in the States we are just starting Spring! (it was official March 20!) The wheather is still a bit nippy somedays!

Warmest Blessings,

Renata said...

Hi Ann
This post makes me miss our banana trees up in Qld. It is just the wrong climate down here to grow them, but it was wonderful picking them straight off the tree (& letting them ripen of course) & then eating them - they were always much sweeter than any I could buy at the shops.
I would love that recipe for the lemon myrtle cake - it sounds delicious. Also I was going to ask you about your pumpkin curry recipe?
Another thing I learnt from your blog - I didn't know that mint repels flies - I think I need to go & buy a lot right now - we are having invasions by flies (no, they aren't breeding inside - trust me I've checked, we had that many). Thankfully today I found out it is all over the area.

Hope you have a good night. I'm going to bed after I read your next post that I missed
Renata :)


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