Monday, March 15, 2010

I would peg out the washing but ....

This sweet photograph was taken earlier this year. Friends had invited us for dinner on a lovely summer evening and we were sitting out on the deck. My little man had gone to sleep in my arms just as we were about to sit down and eat. Sue brought over her laundry basket which made a perfect bassinet for my boy's nap. He was so obliging and allowed me to enjoy both mains and dessert!

It was so nice to be invited out to dinner. Some of the lovely ladies in my church were providing meals for my family during the early busy weeks of motherhood. They do this for all new mothers, whether it is your first or your seventh! Sue knew how much we enjoy fellowship with other families and rather than drop off a meal to our home she invited us for dinner. I usually offer to take a salad or dessert as a contribution but on this occasion I was under strict orders not to! We really enjoyed our dinner on the deck - family, good food, friends - what hospitality is all about!

We host all our birthday parties at home.
It is a wonderful way to teach your children about hospitality.

Some would be daunted by inviting out a family of nine but can I encourage you not to be! Early on in our marriage we decided not to only invite friends of our own age back for meals, just whoever God laid on our hearts. Young couples, singles, elderly people, backpackers, work colleagues and big families. I soon realized that the families with four plus children were very organized and they always brought along extra food - desserts, bread rolls, drinks but they were the ones who often missed out on the invitations for lunch or dinner. I did not realize it then but preparing a meal for a big family was God's way of preparing me for the future when I would have a big family of my own to cook for. It also gave me the confidence to occasionally cook for crowds. On one occasion, the youth group gatecrashed a 'Christmas in July' celebration we were hosting. Instead of a dinner for 12 or so people we ended up feeding over 40 young people! Amazingly, because friends bought along extra dishes we had plenty of food to go around.

Last year I cooked dinner for this mob who have hearty appetites especially after working bees. I didn't spend hours peeling potatoes to accompany the lamb but rather introduced them to quinoa - the wholegrain with superior levels of protein. My daughter made the desserts . We even sat down to dinner - a few spare trestle tables in the shed come in handy.

Now we are a big family, I really do appreciate it when people invite us to their homes for a meal.
So thank you Sue (and family) for your friendship, the lovely meal and the loan of your laundry basket! I hope you enjoyed the Colour conference.

With Love and Joy,


Farming On Faith said...

Hello Dear Friend~
I so enjoyed seeing your pictures. So sweet that boy of your!
I loved the picture of the party too.
Thank you for letting us see a bit of your world!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Look at the size of your little man! Wow! How happy and healthy does he look?
I would really sooner have my laundry basket filled with such a sight than what mine is overflowing with!
Glad you got a night off cooking!

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

Oh what a cutie. I love that picture of your son ;)
Our church does the same for new mothers, and what a blessing it is to have the help when you first bring that little bundle home, and in return equally as blessed when it's your turn to make a meal for another mommy. It creates a great sense of community, and going to a large church it helps us get to know one another. In fact, that's how I met my good friend Sarahlynn.
As for having company over for dinner, you definitely share my heart on that one. We often get comments from our guests, be they big families or elderly or singles, that we are the first people in a long time to ever ask them for dinner. I feel so sad for them, and wonder if as my family grows, will my invitations to dine with others become fewer and fewer? ;(
And as a side note, I have noticed the same with large families, they seem to be better behaved and have had to learn to share and wait their turns alot faster than those of smaller families. Not judging, after all I only have two myself, with a 3rd on the way. But I hope to have a large family if the Lord blesses me with one. ;)
Great post as always.
Many Blessings,

myletterstoemily said...

we love to have families to dinner, too.

wish i were a better, more confident
cook, though.

what an adorable idea to place your
precious baby in a soft laundry basket.


Renata said...

What a blessing to have such a lovely friend! I need to get better at hospitality - it seems to go in patches - we'll have a couple of months of having people over each week & then have some without.

Thanks for sharing your ideas - I love your perspective & wisdom.
Love Renata :)

PS your pic reminded me of how I used to put the twins in a spare laundry basket (when they could sit up) while I hung out the washing - I would then carry them in it back into the house!


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