Thursday, March 25, 2010

Conversations at the Change Table

For the past three months I have been meeting with this beautiful little man at the change table.

If I was to write out a transcript of our conversations this is what you would be likely to read.

'Hello ........ Are you going to give your mum a smile?' His eyes light up, he is so excited to hear my voice and the corners of his mouth turn up and I am rewarded with the most wonderful beaming smile. A moment later, another smile and then another.

'You are such a happy boy!' 'I am so blessed to have you as my son.'
'You know that your mummy loves, you daddy loves you, your brothers and your sisters love you.'

'God loves you. Jesus loves you. You are a gift to this family from our Heavenly Father.'

He can't help himself - he smiles again.
'You are such a charmer!' Oh please, not another smile - I've changed your nappy, I have dishes to do.' At this point he starts to laugh, he knows I do not want to race off to clean up the kitchen when I can be here conversing at the change table or wherever we happen to be, maybe sitting on the sofa following a leisurely feed, surrounded by people who just adore him and love to tickle his tummy and hear him giggle and laugh out loud.

The conversation is never one sided. When I stop speaking he responds with a speech of his own, I do not know what he is saying to me but it sounds intelligent, he knows what he is saying I'm sure, there are different intonations in his voice, he has quite a lot to say, my little man!
I interject his address to the world with 'Is that right?' ' Are you sure?' 'Mmm- I 've heard that too'. I have to ask him 'Tell me, what are your views on baby wearing?' He gives a few oohs and ahhs. He says he rather likes it. He's quite in favour of it!

It is just about time to leave the change table. He's looking serious now.
'What are you thinking about?' I ask him. 'Oh, let me guess'. And the inevitable happens, number threes. He wants to remind me that I almost forgot to pray for him this morning.

I place my hand on his head and thank God for my little man, for the blessing he is to our family. I ask for strength for each day as I take on board my role as his mother, to care for him tenderly, to raise him up together with my husband, in the fear and admonition of the Lord, according to the principles found in God's Word, be all that God intends a man of God to be - a lover of God, a man of the Word and a man of his word = integrity, a leader of his family, a provider, strong, faithful, courageous, courteous, loving, wise - the list is so long!

To this end, I even pray for his future wife and the home that they will establish when the baton is passed on to another generation to continue in the faith.

'Why is this so important', you ask, 'to pray for his future?' He's just a baby, his manhood is years away. The answer is - I believe he is already on the path to manhood, he's my little man and I also know the power of a praying mother and I understand the times we are living in and the perilous times that are coming as Paul wrote to Timothy and warned him that in the last days, men would be 'lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of Godliness but denying its power.' (2 Timothy 3 v1-7) These are the traits I never wish to see in my son and like Paul we will urge him to turn away from such people. That he will be able to stand strong in the days of testing that lie ahead and honour Christ. This is why I pray for him now even though he is only a babe.

Paul reminds Timothy that from childhood he had known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make one wise for for salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus.' What stands out for me is the phrase 'From childhood' - in the home! I have no doubt that Timothy was immersed in the Word and that his mother Eunice prayed for him fervently, from the day of his birth, for in Timothy dwells a genuine faith that was in his mother and also in her mother Lois. I suspect she was also a praying mother who prayed for her daughter and later her grandson.

Did Eunice pray for Timothy as she attended to his everyday care when he was just a tiny baby? Those tasks we sometimes consider menial such as changing nappies or wiping noses? She may not have stood at a change table but I'm sure as she gave tender care to her son and prayed for him, that they conversed and that she was rewarded with smiles and later on the knowledge that her son became a man who loved and served the Lord wholeheartedly.

This is my desire also and its why I love my conversations at the change table!

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SF said...

Such a beautiful post Ann. Thank you for the reminder to pray over each one of my children daily. He is such a sweet baby! He has made me very very clucky just now. :) xo

Renata said...

Oh Ann - he is just adorable!! And growing up so quickly!
I also pray for my children & have since they were born - also for their future spouses. It is such an important part of a mother's role.

Love that pic of your girls with their little brother!
Enjoy your beautiful family
Renata :)

Camille said...

What a beautiful post! Your little man is adorable. You made me long for those days once more! How quickly they pass!! AND I agree with my whole heart...NOW is the time to pray for them...they so soon WILL be grown. We all desire that they would walk in HIS paths while still young...what a great blessing to have such a testimony. God is great and able to do it! How blessed your little people are to have you.


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

What a sweet little man.
I too have prayed for my kids...Before they were even concieved even!
Your little chap Looks well loved:)


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