Thursday, February 11, 2010

Loving The Library!

We are just loving the library at the moment, for our local library has new books and what a great selection - were they thinking of me when they ordered these books? I had to borrow all these titles as soon as I set eyes upon them. Perhaps there is one here you might want to check out!

For all you Aussie homeschool mums or if your children attend school and have to do a project on Australian pioneer life this is a fabulous resource.

Lost is published by the National Library of Australia. Based on a true story, it features the amazing tale of the survival of three children lost in the Australian bush in the 1860's. Beautiful illustrations by the original artist accompany this account by Stephanie Owen Reader. At the close of each chapter is an informative account of different aspects of life in the 1860's from a child's perspective.

We read this book aloud, a chapter each day and discussed the topic presented such as 'Kookaburras and Cooees' Entertainment in the 1860's' and 'Ants in the Pants and Packhorses' Toys in the 1860's'. This book would be a great resource to use for a project. After we had read the chapter on housing, I had my son commence a lapbook. This is the front cover which features a collage of a bush hut constructed from twigs and bark.

For rainy days and if you are searching for simple craft projects for the younger members of the family 'What Shall We Do Today?' by Catherine Woram is worth a browse. Projects for each season of the year are presented with colour photographs and clear instructions. My favourites were the hessian garden tote bag and the felt stars which feature on the front cover.

For all the sewers and Jane Austen fans here is a beautiful book by Jennifer Forest that will have you sighing and reaching for your sewing basket. It features some simply gorgeous crafts from the Regency era that can be replicated today. There are pin cushions and purses, a muff and even a bonnet. Some of the projects are definitely for the more accomplished sewer (not me!) but the linen pillowcases trimmed with ribbon and lace are tempting me to dust off my sewing machine. Even if you do not sew but love Jane Austen, this book will be worth just having on the coffee table to browse through - there are quotes from her novels relating to each craft, stunning photographs and illustrations and of course clear instructions and patterns for the various projects (18 in total).

And finally, for the gardeners who are looking to grow something a little different. My new special interest is water gardens and we have recently started to grow both ornamental and edible water plants which are just flourishing in our climate - taros, water parsley and water chestnuts. We have been searching for a good book on what to plant in our pond but most books on water gardens have a very limited selection on what to and what not to plant. Then I found this book at the library 'Edible Water Gardens' Growing Water Plants for food and profit' by Nick Romanowski. It is the most comprehensive, most informative book on water plants - so many are edible and stacked with nutrients. We will be looking out for some of the plants he suggests and expect to refer to this book often, as we educate ourselves on this topic but alas it has to be returned to the library next week. Looks like we will be buying this book for our own library.

When it comes to being informed, entertained and educated e books, kindles, dare I say it, blogs and websites are all very well but real books whether purchased from the bookstore or borrowed from the library are something I love to have around my home, lining the shelves, filling the baskets and decorating my coffee table. I for one cannot imagine a world without books and a trip to the library is still more exciting (and better for your health) than sitting at a computer waiting for a download! Especially when they have new books!

With Love and Joy


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I have a girlfriend who adores the library and hers sells coffee!
I too love books but more so my kids Adore them!!!

Linda Stubbs said...

I was blog hopping this morning. I always treat my self to a little of me time. I came over from Farming On Faith and have enjoyed myself sooooo much. I am going to check out the Jane Austen's Sewing Box and What Shall We Do books. They look like something my daughters and I would enjoy.

I also went over to your CHIRSTmas blog. How beautiful! The Lord has really given you "the touch"!

Thank you so much for the lovely time.

Blessings, Linda
Prairie Flower from Kansas

Kristen, pajama mama said...

I love our library!
and that hut it pretty awesome!

myletterstoemily said...

i have such a weakness for 'down under' blogs, and
yours is very special.

will return again and again..

Helen said...

Great post again.... I love books also. We try and go to the library as often as we can. I will have to check out that book for Lost'it sounds a perfect book to do for a subject in social studies. I have to ask Ann I was wondering if one time you could write a post on how you set out your homeschool day? For example how many hours you home school each day etc, etc... how you manage with different age children - do you do any subjects together. I really like to learn from other aussie home school families. anyway have a great week

Unknown said...

These look GREAT! Thanks! :) I'm a lurker on your blog...:)

Beth said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog! I will have to check out the blog that you suggested!
I wonder if the book about being lost in the outback is available in our libraries in the U.S.??? Sounds really neat to read!
I must brag for a moment...Along with probably thousands of other people, WE are related to Jane Austen!! Kind of funny for some folks in Indiana to claim, but she is our distant ancestor! My daughter, a journalism student in our local college, takes special pride in that.
Unfortunately, if you check much deeper in our family tree, we probably also have a few cattle rustlers and drunkards!
But we're just going to claim Jane Austen....

Renata said...

I am such a bookworm & love books! You're right the computer just isn't as nice.
That Jane Austen one sounds fantastic - I love that era & imagine my sisters would love the book as well.
We go to the library at least every fortnight & sometimes weekly (generally while Ellie does ballet as it's just down the road from the dance school). It's such a great outing & all the boys love it! I really need to get them their own library card as they always fill up mine & leave me only one or two books to get myself!
Hope you are going well & looking after that gorgous family of yours - give your baby boy a big hug from me( I love babies)!
Renata :)
PS that craft book looks like it has some great ideas!


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