Monday, January 25, 2010

'A Poem for Australia Day'

Why we Love Australia!

We came to Australia in 2002
We weren't really sure what we would do
Leaving NZ, a place we held dear
But knowing that God wanted us here

Heading north in our four wheel drive
Exploring each place when we'd arrive
In Port Stephens, Nelson, Forster-Tuncurry
No one seemed in much of a hurry
At Port Macquarie, we had to stop there
But everyone seemed to have gray hair!
'We' re not retiring!' mum said to dad
We got back in the car
Boy, was I glad!

And drove on past the gum trees and more gum trees
and more gum trees
until ....
The scenery changed from brown to green
The most beautiful place we have ever seen
Fertile valleys and sapphire blue sea
This is where we were meant to be!

But we had to learn the language
Little did we know
That all you have to do, is simply add an O
The servo, a garbo
I'm going out this arvo
To buy myself an eskie
To keep my drinks cool
Put on my swimmers and hop in the pool!

We love our rugby as all Kiwis do
But turn on the telly, what do we see
They don't have one goal post
Instead they have three
Kick the ball high and kick it some more
How on earth do they work out that score?

If Aussie rules baffles our brains
At least they play some proper games
For cricket, they know how to score
And managed to cope without Steve Waugh!

Now wildlife abounds, this is quite true
No need for us to visit the zoo
Koalas, echidnas, goannas we've seen
But when it comes to snakes, mum's not so keen!
All creatures great and some not so small
Like the rather large python mum met in the hall
I said 'Let's give it a name, like Monty or Jack
We christened him 'Arnie' - 'I'll be back!'

Whilst coping with reptiles
Mum's been a failure
She still says she loves Australia
The 'Great South Land of the Holy Ghost'
And from the outback to the coast
God is moving in this place
Pouring out His saving grace
It's why we are here, the reason we live
So let's not be afraid to give
Our all for the task that God has planned
To see Christ rule in this great land.
Lives will be changed, families made strong
With Christ as the head, we can't go wrong
And as the world in 2000 did see
Australia will impact Eternity

Penned in 2004 for an Australia Day church service and narrated by my son.

It is 2010 and I still have not worked out the rules of Aussie rules. I'm sorry but I cannot switch allegiance in rugby union or rugby league - I still support the All Blacks and the NZ Warriors. I know not to refer to the corner store as a 'dairy' but sweet potatoes will always be kumara. I miss kiwi chocolate bars - Frodo frogs are no match for chocolate fish or Mars bars for Moro bars and I wish they sold proper jaffas. I cannot get out of the habit of calling swimmers 'togs' or bring myself to call flip flops or jandals, thongs! For my friends overseas - an eskie is a cooler, one of those plastic chest thingies you take to the beach or picnics and place all your drinks in, they make good seats too! A servo is a gas or petrol station and a garbo is a binman or the guy that collects your household refuse! Half the male population also adds 'o' to their first name - John o, Stevo, who started this trend?

This is an esky! Doesn't matter what brand it is, everyone calls them eskies!

I do pass some of the test questions on 'You Know you are Australian if....' that did the rounds on the internet last year. Some of my favourites included ......

You think it is normal to have a Prime Minister named Kevin

You believe it makes perfect sense for a nation to decorate its highways with large fibreglass bananas, prawns and sheep (Kiwis do this too!)

You believe all famous Kiwis are actually Australian until they stuff up, at which point they again become Kiwis

You wear ugg boots outside the house

You know it's not summer until the steering wheel is too hot to handle

Your biggest family argument over summer concerned the rules of beach cricket

I have ties to three different countries and have lived in both cities (Liverpool and London) and the countryside of New Zealand with its stunning scenery. Each place had unique qualities and good people.

I thank God for my heritage, for each place I was privileged to call home and especially on Australia Day, I give thanks for this wonderful country, a great nation. I know I am blessed to be able to raise beautiful children in such a beautiful place. I will never take it for granted.

Wishing you a very happy Australia Day
Hope you enjoyed the poem!

With Love and Joy,


the happy sparrow said...

I love your Australia Day poem! I happened upon your blog a month or so ago and have been loving reading your inspiring posts!Thankyou so much,
:) Martine

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

All so true Ann~You though really do live in one of the most gorgeous Places in Oz....Most Aussies would agree.
So On This Australia Day enjoy your little piece of Heaven on earth.

Farming On Faith said...

Oh what a lovely post! I so enjoyed this post with all its pictures. The baby is growing so fast and he is so beautiful!
Yes it sounds like our husbands are much alike.
Your pool sounds wonderful~I can't wait to see the pictures!
When will your weather turn cooler. We are freezing again!
I was so glad to get your email today~good to hear from you!

TulipGirl said...

Love the pics and the poem!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Lovely post~
I would so much love to come visit and see the sights of Australia! Maybe someday?

Your newest baby is soo cute~ I pray all is well with you all!


Catherine said...

What a great blog! So entertaining and what a cool poem. I love NZ: my brother now lives in Wellington and it is just lovely (if a little windy). Your Aussie stuff is v funny. Looking forward to following your adventures. :0)

Elinor said...

Great poem... thanks for stopping by. I read your blog all the time, its on my blog lines. congrat's on your new baby boy. Love his name (I love different names as you can see by the names of my girls - big grin!) looking forward to your next post.


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