Monday, January 11, 2010

Our January House Guest

I cannot believe that I actually took this photograph! I am not that fond of snakes and I do not intentionally invite them into my house but all that oxytocin my body is producing as I feed my newborn, is having an amazing effect. I actually allowed my son to bring in this baby carpet snake which was curled up outside a bedroom window, and I actually stayed calm to get close enough to take a photo! My first reaction was ' Oh no - You are not bringing it into the house!' when son and snake first appeared at the kitchen door! Our January house guest was warmly greeted by all the other members of the family.

Especially my ten year old son who loves all creatures great and small!

And even the twins were pleased to meet our reptile visitor!

January is traditionally our snake month - it was during this month in our first year in Australia that I met my first snake who I encountered in the hallway just inches above my head - if only that snake had been a little one too - no, the one I met was about 2 metres long and one of the biggest pythons I have seen here and it scared me to a speechless standstill (read that as paralyzed with fear!) I just was not expecting to meet my first snake inside the house!

So if you do visit me at home during the month of January, I am letting you know now. You have been forewarned! The black bin with ventilation holes punched in the top that sits on the patio is not a compost bin or a worm farm. Don't lift the lid to throw in the veggie scraps or you might get a fright! I really should label this bin as one of my visitors on one occasion was about to throw their food scraps into this bin until we shouted out 'No - not that bin!' Can you guess what's in the bag? Yes, this is a job I leave to my husband - carpet snake relocation duties are definitely on his job description - not mine!

Released from the bag onto the ground, the snake considers staying for a moment! He had been found in our chicken house just waiting for the right moment to help himself to fresh chicken before his presence was discovered. This always happens when my husband is at work and it is on days like these I declare that I am so glad I chose to homeschool my teenage son who is more than happy to catch a snake with his bare hands (the non venomous ones that is!)

He disappears into the bush and I now accept that he will return later, or it might be his cousin or sister or maybe one of the offspring. I was feeling so proud of myself and my new found calmness around carpet snakes until I was sitting at the computer typing in a comment at a friend's blog when I felt something in my hair, then a smirk from a son 'Hi mum' and then the realization of just what had been placed onto my head! The oxytocin stopped working and this mum lost her cool demeanour and jumped and screamed ' Get it off my head now!' I was just about ready to book my ticket and move back to New Zealand - no snakes there!

I should have never allowed my children to enjoy this educational experience when we first moved to Australia!

With Love and Joy



Farming On Faith said...

Oh my goodness. I am so happy you discovered him before you lost one of your chickens. ~
At least in the snow I don't have to worry about snakes. The first time I find a snake in my coop you will hear me all the way around the world to your house!

Chookie said...

Oh, isn't he beautiful! (Yes, another undiscriminating animal lover here, like your son!)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Yuck Ann that makes my skin crawl.
The little one made me want to pass out but the big Mamma or dadda....Ugh!!!
We of course get heaps here ....We are a bush property so it comes with the territory.
But we get nasty ones like copper heads.
Have not had any this Summer yet....
Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh,And On my head with a snake and I may be forced to behead who put it there! lol!

SF said...

What a beautiful snake! We haven't seen any here yet.... but as the grass is growing fast now, we'll have to keep our eyes open for them! xo

Renata said...

Oh my - I definitely would not like a visitor like that. Thankfully we haven't seen any snakes around here, but that's because the dog & cat keeps them away. Lots & lots of spiders though.
Enjoy your January. Is it hot there? We're having a dreadful heatwave here.

Beth said...

OH MY GOODNESS!! I am terrified of snakes! We have a few poisonous ones here in Indiana but for the most part, they're harmless...except for my nerves! We do have poisonous water snakes and every once in a while a rattle snake. (A boy my kids went to school with was bitten but it was so old that it didn't really do much harm.)
Several years ago, there was a "black" snake that was stretched in front of us on the road, with it's head in one ditch and the tail in the opposite ditch! HUGE!! Once, we lived way out in the country and I had driven home for lunch for some reason and when I got home, I found a nest of little snakes right next to where I parked my van! I had to call in to work to say that I was going to be late...I was too afraid that the snakes had slithered into my van. (Crazy, huh?) Another time, I STEPPED on a snake in the field when I was out walking with my kids and dogs. WOW did I "high step" it out of there! Quite a sight, I'm told.
No....I don't like snakes.
People keep telling me that they make nice pets...yeah, right....
Hope you are having a wonderful January! It has been pretty cold here. Becca and I spent much of the day out taking pictures for a project of hers. I got stuck in the snow and prayed until the Lord got us out!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that snake was HUGE! I would have cried... lol

I just gave you a Blog Award. To pick it up.. follow this link. No snakes allowed lol :D

Suzanne said...


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