Monday, January 4, 2010

A Blissful New Year 2010

I am having a blissful New Year! I hope you are too - not just a 'Happy' New Year, a blissful one! The dictionary defines bliss as 'supreme happiness', 'utter joy' and 'contentment'. 'Blissfully' is defined as 'full of', 'abounding in' or 'enjoying' and I am experiencing all of the above! Much of this is due to this blissful baby boy. He is such a delight - he is indeed bringing us bliss!

I am tired, yes, even weary but not in the least resentful. I know that the sacrifice of sleep is bringing sustenance to his little body that digests his mother's milk in just two hours. I love to breastfeed, it is almost second nature to me now. It has been a blessing in my life which has given all of my children health, vitality, comfort and so much more!

I am enjoying my Christmas Tree for one more evening - or maybe two. I usually leave my tree up until 'Twelth Night', or the 6Th January. I know many of you take down your decorations before the New Year but I have been otherwise occupied! This is my new tree - my Christmas gift from my husband, purchased in the Boxing Day sales. My previous tree (which was a decade old) went down on Christmas Day with one resounding crash when the stand collapsed - it was a sign! - a new tree for a new decade! BTW Renata - I am giving my angel the beautiful Maori name you suggested!

I am also still receiving Christmas cards and well wishes for our new baby boy from friends and family overseas. I will leave up this card holder which has LED lights which cast a beautiful glow in the window at night and attach the baby cards I am receiving, when the Christmas cards are taken down.

I am writing out my 'Kingdom Notes' for 2010. Not goals but 'Kingdom Notes' - I chose to use this title for planning my year, after reading the post at Mrs Fuentes beautiful blog 'A Wise Woman Builds Her Home' . Her post on 'Kingdom Notes' is inspirational and I have taken her suggestions on board and I am using her list of questions to write out my vision and what I want to achieve this year. Her blog is on my blog list in the sidebar should you want to visit and find out more about 'Kingdom Notes'. This post and her blog is a blessing in my life.

Today I sat down when my baby boy was sleeping and tackled the first question. I prayed and asked the Lord ' What did He want me to do in 2010?' I opened up the Word and He answered me by leading me to a beautiful passage in the book of Psalms, with a particular emphasis for me, on verse 4 of the 105Th chapter and with these words of wisdom I will close this post, as there is a little man who is beckoning his mother! BTW I have not forgotten the biscotti recipe which my labour interrupted from being posted! I will post it soon!

With Love and Joy,


Renata said...

Oh Ann, he is absolutely adorable! How I would love a cuddle, but you'll just have to give him one from me!
What a shame about your tree falling - but glad your hubby could get another one. Ours is leaning precariously to one side this year & I don't think it see us through many more Christmases.
I also enjoyed breastfeeding our babies - it is such a special bonding time for mother & babe - enjoy it! Take care of yourself & your little man!
Renata :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Ann,
I love the picture of you new littleone~
I like the idea of Kingdom note! I don't do New years reselutions...but try to improve ALL year.
I did just start a Prayer Journal....and how God Answered my prayer. Oh and this year I'm starting the requirements to become a La Leche League Leader!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ann It seems your little man is relishing Mums Milk....Look at those little wrists! He looks beautiful and satisfied.
I love feeding.
It looks you are squeezing the last moments out of your Christmas....Enjoy each precious moment.
We are struggling with things to do to keep my Son occuoied,The girls no worries He is missing having By mates to kick footy with and play cricket!

Beth said...

I've just taken the time to catch up on your blog! I hadn't had the opportunity to read the last few posts until now! Hmmm....did I ever tell you how irrritating it is to hear that you are already into your prepregnancy jeans? Oh well, I love you anyway!!! :P (With my first son, 26 years ago, I did that, but not for the other 4 children!) Oh, by the way, that same son is going to be a daddy again, Lord willing, on Thursday! Baby Broderick is scheduled to be induced due to difficulty with Mama's health! (Irish family name...)
Your little boy is lovely and your family is wonderful! I loved all your wedding pictures and especially your wedding dress! I noticed the grey/gray sky in your wedding picture. I would really miss the brilliant blue we have here in Indiana much of the time. But I would love to visit England! I'm a big fan of MOST things English! (Especially the movies on Masterpiece Theatre!)
Love to read your posts. Give that precious family a hug for me! I'll be thinking about YOUR little boy when I get to hold my new grandbaby on Thursday, Lord willing. It is kind of nice being a fairly young grandma with lots of kids still at home!

Farming On Faith said...

Oh my goodness Ann~he is so beautiful!
And I think he is growing so much~such a little man!
You are blessed!


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