Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blissful Baking and Baby Coconut Biscotti

My daughter left her new cook book on the kitchen bench this morning and I could not resist having another browse through as I congratulated myself on making such a wise choice at the bookstore - this is the gift that will keep on giving and I'm certain 'The Big Book of Cakes and Cookies 365 Much-loved Classics and New Favourites' by Hannah Miles is going to be one of the most used cook books in this household during 2010.

I had intended to buy my teenage daughter the 'Masterchef Australia' cookbook for Christmas 2009 but when I spotted this book at a third of the price and had a peek inside at some of the most delectable, tempting, baking recipes I have ever set eyes upon, the Masterchef cook book went back onto the shelf. The author of this baking compendium was a finalist on Britain's Masterchef competition and her book came with glowing recommendations from the judges. This morning I made the chocolate and macadamia cookies - very delicious, chewy and moist and gone by the end of morning tea!

I am hoping my daughter will be making more of Hannah's choux rings after the first one was received and consumed with delight. She used slices of fresh nectarine rather than raspberries. There are paperclips on many of the pages - all recipes my daughter wants to try! Can't wait!

I am hoping that she makes this coffee gateaux one day. I love coffee cake!

I did pay my daughter the ultimate compliment the other night when I informed her that the double mocha and white chocolate cheesecake she presented for dessert was one of the best cheesecakes she had ever made and how pleased I was that she was using her new recipe book on such a regular basis. 'But mum - I didn't use the book - that was my own recipe!' was her response! I will coax the recipe out of her and ask for a repeat performance so I can take some photos to accompany the recipe - chocolate lovers will not be disappointed!

I only share family recipes at this blog and do not reproduce recipes of other people (You should buy the book, visit the website of the author or request a loan at your library) but here is one of my own that was promised before Christmas that was interrupted by labour pains before I could type it out! I'm going to call it my 'Baby Coconut Biscotti' because my baby was on the way! I made a batch this morning and they are sitting on my kitchen bench waiting to be iced.

Baby Coconut Biscotti

1/2 cup coconut oil
1 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 1/4 cups plain flour
1 tsp baking powder

1/2 cup fine, dessicated coconut

1. Pre-heat your oven to 180 c

2. Beat together in a large bowl, the eggs, sugar, vanilla and the coconut oil - it needs to be runny, so if it is cold, you may need to melt it - no need for me to do this today, it is 35 c outside and 28c inside! I use organic, cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil. I'm so pleased I discovered coconut oil - it is the only oil I use for baking - I use it in my muffin recipes and to combine my dry ingredients in my homemade muesli.

3. Sieve the flour and baking powder together and combine into the wet mixture to make a stiff dough. Add the coconut before you start to form the dough. You will be rolling it into logs to bake, so add more flour if the mixture seems too wet for rolling. Here are my logs ready to go into the oven. Use baking paper to line your tray.

4. Bake your logs for 10-15 minutes until they are a nice golden colour. If they are still a little doughy on the inside, don't worry - they will be going back in for their second baking after you have cut them into thin slices. Allow them to cool for a while before you slice them and as they don't spread, you can place them close together on the tray.

5. Return to the oven and bake for approximately 10 minutes. They should come out a nice, golden brown colour.

6. Allow to cool before making a thin white icing to drizzle over haphazardly - haphazard drizzling always looks better in my opinion!

7. Make a plunger of good coffee and enjoy - dunk the biscotti if you desire! Once again, a plug for my favourite coffee- find it at Woolworths, the French Vanilla flavour is good too but chocolate macadamia is our absolute favourite.

Guess what we are having for afternoon tea today? I just need to go and ice my batch before they disappear from the tray - the family has just come in from the pool and I need to go and guard both my clean floor and the biscotti - I happen to like mine iced!

With Love and Joy,


Farming On Faith said...

Oh my to think of coming in from the pool!
How nice.
I do love all my seasons though. Only not this cold. It is freezing here~more than usual. We will be nice and toasty in our school room and staying home all day for sure.We will get much done in our school books~which is needed.

Wish we had some of your cookies to go with our hot tea we are sure to be drinking today!
Have a great school day!

Gae said...

How I wish we had a pool here too.
I originally thought these were a biscuit for the baby.

I can't believe I missed the birth announcement I was keeping tabs and then lost it over the Advent season.
Do you have a biscuit for babies who are teething.
We have a nearly one year old who is about to get her first tooth.


Renata said...

YUM! Thanks for sharing the recipe.
I've only recently found coconut oil - a friend recommended it for Ellie who has had chronic UTI's since 2 1/2 - she takes a teaspoon daily & it certainly helps (I've also been using olive leaf extract & essential oils). How is your beautiful boy doing? Glad you are keeping well!
God bless you
Renata :)


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