Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Twins - Twice the Reason to Celebrate!

'On the First Day of Christmas my dear Lord sent to me'
'Two Gorgeous Girls as cute as cute could be!'

Yesterday on the first day of December and at the official start of our summer in Australia, my twin girls celebrated their 4th birthday. They had a lovely morning playing with their new puppet theatre and watching their 'Tinkerbell' movie - a gift from their older sister. They were so thrilled and very appreciative, declaring an emphatic 'Oh - Thank you mum, Thank you dad' - they thanked each of their siblings too - it was a joy to behold!

For the past four years, they have rarely spent a moment apart. They love to be together and they rarely fight. They were side by side as they entered this world just 2 minutes apart - both in the breech position - I often wonder whether they were holding hands! The incredible bond which twins possess is beautiful to watch. They have unique personalities but the closeness they share is undeniable! They have brought me so much joy and I seriously used to pinch myself sometimes, as I looked down on them sleeping so peacefully in the cot which they shared for quite some time. I can only describe it as a sense of wonder - it was such an unexpected gift (there are no twins in the family) from the Lord, my double blessing for which I will ever be thankful for. Yet, people still say to me 'Oh twins - double trouble' to which I usually politely reply 'Actually, it is double joy' I truly mean that, even though I know it is twice the work and as one of my girls astutely observed on her first day of being 4 'Mm twins, two messes to clean up.'

I always have two eager, enthusiastic helpers in the kitchen and tasks must be allocated to each girl. I always have to get out two sets of utensils! They sometimes call out 'Yes Chef'! - Forget 'Hi 5' or the 'Wiggles', their favourite programme would have to be 'Masterchef' and one of the girls is still coming to terms with the fact that 'Poh' did not win the original series - she would sit on the couch and shout out encouragement to their favourite contestant, 'Go Poh!' she was so upset when Poh did not win the title and sulked for days! They also urge their mum to 'Make that!', and would love for me to make a 'Croquembouche' (yes, I had to check the Masterchef website to check the spelling!) - for the uninformed this is basically a mountain of toffee embellished profiteroles and the most complicated dessert ever attempted on 'Masterchef.' My older daughter thinks she is up to the challenge and wants to attempt to make it for Christmas!
They also love to play outside and if I cannot see them I know to look up - into the trees which they scale like mini goannas! They love the freedom they have to explore and play and I am ever so grateful that they now know to call a worm a worm and not a snake!

It only seems like yesterday that they were just tiny babies and I have so many beautiful memories of their first four years . I am so pleased that they will both be able to be big sisters soon. In just a few weeks time - they are really excited and so am I and as I sign off this post and say a 'Happy Birthday' to my girls, my latest blessing is kicking me and reminding me that very soon I will once again be blessed with the gift of a child at Christmas.

With Double the Love and Double the Joy,

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ann your girls are gorgeous and such a blessing for sure.
My Sister has 7 kids and rearely is anyone enthusiastic when she says so.
I love how you seem to truly enjoy your babies!!

Gae said...

Happy Birthday to your twins.
I have ALWAYS wanted twins and especially twin girls. Our children still pray for twins daily.
How blessed you are.
God Bless

Anonymous said...

Hello. I couldn't help but comment.Your twins are lovely. I'm a twin. So is my mum and my younger sister (not twin) had twins a couple of years ago. So I was a little envious when she had the twins. It is great to see twins interact so closely and have that special bond. Angela


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