Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Christmas Gift A Baby Boy!

Today it is Christmas Eve and my prayers have been answered. I am home for Christmas with my very special gift, my baby boy, born on Tuesday evening at 7pm, weighing in at 6lbs 120z following a labour of just one and a half hours!

I am just experiencing the joy and delight of this precious child given to my family by God who knows how much I love the Christmas Season that He chooses to bless me with a darling baby boy who arrives in time for Christmas and works all things together for good to bring me home to my husband and children to celebrate a very special, family Christmas together as we remember the birth of another baby boy who brought hope, joy, peace and salvation - the very presence of God on earth. Jesus, Emmanuel, God is with us.

And in the past few days I have felt the very presence of God my Father who answered all our prayers - so thank you dear friends who prayed for my baby to grow and be healthy - he was and the perfect size for me. I do admire those of you who push out big babies - I do not know how you do it!

When I wrote my last post I was in labour - truly! But not established labour. The signs had been good the previous evening but things did not really get going until later that day. I headed into hospital at 3pm and I was even considering coming home but because my waters were trickling out slowly the midwife on duty encouraged me to go for a walk around. At 5pm we returned and at this stage I was still able to talk through contractions. I think I was saying ' No, that was fine, not too bad' or something like that, in the picture below, that my husband took, saying 'Here's a good one for your blog!'. He did not think I would be game enough to post it on my blog but I am!

By 5.30pm, labour in the true sense of the word, established and I progressed from pain free to painful! I had a wonderful midwife on duty who had read my birth plan and adhered to it from start to finish! I birthed without any intervention, apart from the cannula inserted into a vein on my hand - only a precautionary measure for treatment should my previous c-section scar be affected by the contractions - it was not needed! No pain relief was offered apart from a warm towel across my back. When the midwife kept reassuring me that the baby was very close, I did not quite believe it but she was experienced and knew that my baby was only minutes way - the only checks she did was to use the Doppler and each time the strong heartbeat was heard, I was given a little more reassurance - all was going well!

After just a few pushes he came out with his eyes open blinking and looking around the room as if to say 'Where on earth am I?' The midwife then waited for my placenta to come of its own accord - not until the cord had stopped pulsating - another wish on my birth plan granted!

It was really a wonderful experience of natural birth in hospital following a previous c- section - yes, it is possible! And this I know is true - 'All things are possible with God'. I have also come home after a two night enforced stay in hospital with a few hiccups along the way - possibility of jaundice and blood group incompatibility issues which never eventuated - praise God! This is why you did not hear from me sooner!

I am home now and ready for Christmas - just a few gifts to wrap tonight as I sit up late watching Carols by Candlelight feeding this dear boy, the lights on the tree twinkling - oh what a present- I could not have asked for anything better! Over the next few days I will email my dear friends to let you know the name (as I have time or if you are on Facebook find me there and add me as a friend, I'm posting there too - send me a quick email if you do not know my surname!) BTW we chose the unconventional name, I am so glad I chose it - it means 'God is Good!' I can testify this is true!

May I wish all those who read and follow my blog a very blessed, beautiful Christmas in sunshine or snow. May you enjoy your time with family and friends as you also gather to celebrate the birth of a baby boy - for my family this year it is cause for double celebration!

With Love and Joy and a Baby Boy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your family on the arrival of your baby boy. I am so happy that all went well and you are now home. Have a wonderful Christmas and rest.God bless your family. Angela

Jen said...

Congratulations Ann, so glad that things went well and in my opinion (and experience) being home so soon after a quick labour is the way to go. It is such more relaxing to be at home.

Enjoy your Christmas and your baby. I am sure your family is delighted to have your own baby (especially if you wanted to create a living Nativity). lol

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Joolz said...

Oh Wow! What a wonderful story to read on Christmas Eve. Congratulations! We will have a little baby boy join us tomorrow for our family lunch who was born on Dec. 12th - my great-nephew! Lots of cuddles to be had. Best wishes to you and your family at this special time.

Cheers - Joolz

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ahhhhhhh Now I can enjoy my Christmas!
I have been holding on to hear the great news....
Welcome to this big wide world Little man!
Funny the picture of your Ultrasound I said To my Hubby That looks like a boy!
Love the name....I would though as I love Unusual names....
Gladto see you even the Boys to girls ratio up abit in your household.
Ann You are inspirational!
And so clever to produce such a fine Lil man!
Now I hope you do enjoy your twinkling lights and carols with Babe to the breast!
And he was quite big hey??? Praise God.

Alison said...

Congratulations Ann, how wonderful to hear of your son's birth and that you are happily home again so soon.

Enjoy to the fullest your Christmas together and thank you for sharing happy news.

Warm regards

SF said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!! I'm so glad I checked in on blogs before going to sleep tonight! Ann, I am SO happy for you. God has indeed answered all your prayers (and mine for you!), He is so so good to His children! :)

Email me the name, if you don't mind - when you have time of course. Have a beautiful Christmas at home Ann, enjoy your family and those twinkly lights and that precious baby boy. I have shed a tear knowing he is here, and you are home for Christmas!

God bless for a wonderful day tomorrow.
Love, Saminda xo

Suzanne said...

Ann, what a true blessing--many congratulations! Last night at church the Scripture and message was "With God all things are possible"! Take it easy and enjoy the baby moon time:-)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Oh Ann,
I'm so happy for you!!!!! Overjoyed!
Merry Christmas!
He is adorable! Just Beautiful!
Blessings and Love....your blog friend,

Beth said...

I am soooo delighted for you. For some reason, I thought it was a girl and then last night I was thinking of you and convinced it was a boy! I am excited about hearing your name. My husband and I decided we like Joel.
Last night we were listening to a pastor talk about names and learned that names that started with Jo--- were names of God. I will send you and email soon and try to find you on facebook! Love to you! Merry CHRISTmas!!

Renata said...

Congratulations Ann,
What a beautiful baby boy you have -such a precious gift from the Lord. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with all your family!!
I like unconventional names - I love the meaning of his - just lovely!
You are just beautiful & your baby is gorgous. Enjoy this beautiful time with him!
God bless you
Renata :)

Chookie said...

Joining with you in praise to our heavenly Father for all the blessings you've received today! Another little one being raised in a Christian home :-) Congratulations!

Chris said...

Joy to the world...a boy has come. :)

Very happy for you all.

Many blessings on your family this season.

Niki Jones said...

Oh Ann I am so excited for you.
A beautiful baby boy.
Clever girl.
Hanging to hear his name.
I hope your family had a beautiful Christmas together. How blessed you are darling.
My dream is to be holding a new baby by Christmas Eve 2010. The hubster is a little reluctant though. Love to your family.

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful post, it really lifted my heart. Congratulations on your precious baby son, and thank you for sharing. xx

HomemakerAng said...

WHERE HAVE I BEEN! HE is beautiful and now almost 2 months! What a blessing from the Lord! What number is this now?

ps. can you private email me with something in the subject line so we can connect?

God bless you ALL!

Unknown said...

That sounds like the most perfect Christmas ever. My little Mary Nowelle was born on Dec. 15, 4 years ago and I remember well the happiness all around our home.


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