Friday, December 11, 2009

Lighting for a Teenager's Desk/Study Retreat

My daughter has been searching for some time for a lamp for her desk which is located in a caravan on our property that was renovated and converted into a bedroom and very special teenage retreat. You can read about her caravan renovation and makeover project in my previous post from October 2009 'Caravan Chic' - A Teen's Caravan Renovation Project

She was thrilled when I informed her that I had been contacted by an online home wares company to review one of their products at my blog and that one of their divisions was lighting! Buysterlighting have a very comprehensive range of products and as we browsed their website my daughter spotted what she believed would be the perfect lamp, in a very desirable shade of dusky pink that would appeal to many a teenage girl. It even matches her mobile phone!

She was right - the MOBY Halogen Desk Lamp was just the right shade of pink and it coordinates beautifully with the purple, mulberry and silver colour scheme she chose for her room. Finding a stylish desk lamp for an older girl's room can prove to be a challenge - many desk lamps are utilitarian, more suited to an office environment and colours are restricted to the bright primaries or black, white and chrome finishes. She was adamant her lamp had to be purple but pink was acceptable, provided it was not 'Barbie' Pink' which she has long grown out of!

The MOBY Halogen Desk Lamp is a 'dual switching' lamp which offers you the choice between a 35W or a 50W setting, the latter being ideal if you are using the lamp for tasks that require more light. It would be ideal for the table or room where you do your sewing and craft work. Wish I had thought of turning the caravan into my craft room first!

We were very impressed with the quality of this lamp. It's base is quite 'heavy' and it is very sturdy. It has a flexible chrome arm that allows you to position the light where it is required, as you can see in the above photo, my daughter enjoys relaxing on the window seat adjacent to her desk and does not need to move the lamp in order to enjoy her reading.

Our only disappointment with the lamp is the fact that the electrical cord is black rather than white. The power point in the caravan is above the desk rather than below it, which means the cord is on show. It does have a long cord which is useful for positioning the lamp on a longer desk or table but we will look at drilling a hole in the back of the desk and running a white extension cord down so that the lamp can be plugged into a board underneath, making the cord less obtrusive.

You will find the MOBY Halogen Desk Lamp and many other online shopping choices in home, caravan and office lighting at which I should point out is an Australian company.

Overall, the MOBY Halogen Desk Lamp is a very stylish, modern and functional lamp. It comes in a range of 'metallic' colour finishes - including the pink my daughter chose, purple, silver and gold, a very funky apple green and a lighter marine blue that would suit a boy's room but also appeal to girls who are over 'pink'!

Considering that it is a quality Halogen Lamp (complimentary 50W bulb included) that combines both style and functionality, at $55 I consider its price to be quite reasonable and well worth paying to prevent possible eyestrain. I believe good lighting to be essential for a young person's bedside table or desk, especially if your son or daughter likes to read books in the evening. How I wish my mum had provided me with a good lamp in my room - it might have prevented the eyestrain I suffered and saved me the cost of many pairs of contact lenses and glasses (I am just about to shell out again for new specs!) This I attribute to doing homework in a dimly lit room and reading books by torchlight under the covers! Do not allow your children to do this!

I actually quite enjoyed writing this post - my first review. To my friends reading this - yes, I am still here and it looks like my baby might be my Christmas present this year! Hopefully, my next post will be the announcement of my special arrival!

With Love and Joy,


Fruitful Harvest said...

Ok Ann~
Unless this was a auto post you are still with child!
Tell us! Tell us!

I like the lamp but whats going on with you and baby? Do tell!


Renata said...

What a lovely lamp! It's wonderful that your daughter could find one that matched her caravan bedroom!
I am still praying for you often - a Christmas baby sounds lovely! Take care of yourself & your lovely family!
God Bless You
Renata :)

Niki Jones said...

Hi Ann,
Hope all is well. I love the lamp. Perfect.
Come on over to my blog for a looksie. Ha.
I have an award for you.


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