Saturday, December 19, 2009

'I Just Haven't Met You Yet! '

This wonderful, catchy, uplifting song by Michael Buble is my song of the moment! It is receiving lots of airplay on the radio and I love to sing along and I have been singing it to my baby - who I am still waiting to meet! Yes, I am still here enjoying days of nesting and excited anticipation, as I clean and organize and sing along to Michael Buble songs.

The scan was on Wednesday and showed - yes, a small baby, measuring 37 weeks with an estimated weight at term of around 6 lbs 7oz which is about the average weight of most of my babies - the technician was puzzled by the first 19 week scan measurements (picture above is from that scan) which she had to compare these results with, which had put me 2 weeks ahead but I knew this was not right and the obstetrician listened to me and agreed to work off my dates of around the 20Th December which is tomorrow! I have not been summoned by the hospital and I'm still feeling well, the baby is still reminding me of its presence by moving and reacting to sudden noises such as mobile phones ringing in stores and even the squelch of that blue 'belly jelly' at the scan! Amazing! Yes, my baby can hear and I will not be waiting for the 'bell ringer' lady to come along to do hearing tests on my newborn if I am ready to go home after the birth! If I do have to stay in and she arrives, I might ask her to play 'Jingle Bells' instead!

Flowing waters bring forth LIFE!

Last evening I had my first set of painful Braxton Hicks contractions - whoa, they were good ones. I was also watching the British disaster movie 'Flood' which was really quite pathetic, so I turned it off and went to bed but later I though how appropriate it would have been if my waters had broken but they did not! I also went to the stores today and I even went into a bookshop and my waters did not break. This only happens in the movies? Wrong, it happened to me in a bookshop in the twins' pregnancy but at least it was more of a gentle, running brook than a gushing stream! And I kept calm and smiled at the assistant and paid for my books and I am thinking 'I cannot believe this - I am buying books, my waters are starting to break and I AM CALM!'

Saturday is my grocery shopping day and I was hoping that I would have this done before the baby arrived. It is! The leg of lamb is in the fridge and mangoes were 99 cents each at Aldi which is awesome as I hope to make a mango salsa to accompany our roast lamb and salads on Christmas day. Of course, I could be in hospital on Christmas day and forget labour pains, what I am not looking forward to is a hospital Christmas dinner after my previous experience of the food at our local 'health campus' - they don't like to call themselves a hospital these days! I endured a 3 day stay after the birth of my twins and it put me off rice cakes for life! (go and read my post 'Healthy Hospital Food' from earlier this year and find out what awaits me if I do have to stay!) I have let my family know - they have to deliver me my lamb with mango salsa and sweet potato salad, also bring a white tray cloth, one of my table arrangements, a candle which I will not be able to light due to fire regulations I know, and my handmade cracker! One of the white ones please!

My bags are packed, the baby's bag is packed. Every closet is organized. My family in the UK have received the gifts I sent. Today I bought the last of my presents for my children. My daughter has been talking of having frangipani trees outside the 'caravan of chic' - her bedroom. Before we headed off I suggested to my husband that we buy her the frangipani but I did not want to trek around nurseries today. I wanted to do just a few more garage sales - could not resist (not that I need any more things for the baby!) We walk into the first garage sale and what is there, sitting on the garden path but frangipani plants in pots! Established ones at that - we bought four for the price of one small one at Bunnings!

The pink top on the right is the one I was wearing in my 'baby bump' photo. Yes, it is designer - was $5, from a garage sale of course. The gorgeous embroidered dress coat was purchased in Pakistan and sold in a garage sale to me for $15! I wear it over 'Country Road' pants which have a sparkled thread running through the fabric - purchased at my favourite recycled and vintage clothing store! I'm looking forward to wearing them again!

I love garage sales - last week I went to a garage sale and bought a maternity bra! - a brand new, designer one at that! - the people at this house own an online, designer maternity clothing business and once in a while, clear stock by having garage sales with 50% off some of the prices. I had actually prayed on that morning, for them to have another garage sale before my baby came and they did. It has just occurred to me that when I go out with my baby, wrapped in a brand new designer wrap ($10 not $60 - it is gorgeous, will show you later, it's a giveaway as to gender!) or tucked into the Baby Bjorn front pack ($5 not $180) or in the $80 sling (as new) I paid 50 cents for - yes you read it right, cents not dollars! I will be wearing my new, favourite long skirt - it is designer, hardly worn, cost $250 - I paid $10 and get this, it is size 8 and I'm wearing it now- it sits over the baby bump. It is the same colour as the 'stretch' cotton canvas skirt with embroidered roses I am wearing in the baby bump photo - another garage sale find - cost just $1! Told you my other name was Olive Oyl!

So that is my update and maybe my next post will be a birth announcement. Thank you so much for all your prayers and comments. I so appreciate them. It's time to go and do some more cleaning and guess what song I will be singing! I must buy that album - kids are you reading this, if you want to buy mum another present - you were thinking of buying me Stan Walker's album, I would really like M.B - hint, hint!

And finally, to my precious baby - I am so looking forward to meeting you, you are indeed my gift from Heaven, baby seven - I just haven't met you yet but I cannot wait!

With Love and Joy,


SF said...

Ann, what a beautiful post!!! :) I am smiling big right now. :) So happy you're so happy. You're contentment shines through your writing and is such a blessing to me.
All the best with the birth, I feel sure it will be soon.
Love to you,
Saminda xoxoxo

Niki Jones said...

Merry Christmas Ann.
I eagerly await your news of the little one. May God bless you both.
Love & Warm Wishes,
Niki & Family.

Farming On Faith said...

Ann~ I so loved reading your post. It was such fun. I am still praying for you and your sweet Babe. I know all will be fine you are a pro at this!
Have a wonderful week!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ann Your Love of Christmas and all,God may just be giving you one amazing "Birthday Presents " Of HIS on His Birthday!!!
How would that be for sharing!
I am praying for you daily!
And Had to giggle at the enthusiasm you speak of garage sales with....Thought only I get that uzzed by them

Joolz said...

Yes, Mr Buble is a sweetie, love his music too.
Waiting for your news and I hope you're out by Christmas Day.

Cheers - Joolz

Beth said...

Oh, I love Michael Buble as well! I have a few of his cds!
I am so excited about the coming birth of your little bump! (That's what I called my little brother when he had not yet been born.)
Take care! May God bless you!

Jen said...

Not a great fan of Buble myself but definitely do hope you have a good time listening to him and being with your family while you wait to meet your new baby.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

Renata said...

What a lovely update. I also enjoy MB. I have one CD & play it often (we only get boring or trashy radio stations here). I hope you are still going well. I was sitting at the local Christmas Carols yesterday thinking of you as I knew it was your due date. I'll keep on praying for yourself & bub. So pleased they are going to let you go a bit longer.
Your garage sale finds are fantastic. I especially love the wrap in the picture with the pretty pink shirt. What fantastic finds!
I hope you have a lovely week leading up to Christmas. Looking forward to your big news!!!!
God bless
Renata :)

Alison said...

Ann, I've been enjoying hearing of your news as you approach the birth of number seven. I pray all goes well for you and all the family too!!! And I also look forward to meeting your new blessing.



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