Monday, December 7, 2009

A Christmas Baby ? - Maybe!

It's about time I posted a picture of me or to be more precise, my baby, soon to be born. This is me at 38 weeks plus 2 days. My dates were revised when I worked out the 19 week scan which put me at 21 weeks did not correlate at all with my own dates. Following the scan my GP worked off its EDD of December 5th but right through I have been measuring closer to my own dates of around 20th December. A Christmas Baby? Maybe or maybe not.

At my last antenatal visit my suspicions were confirmed - the baby's head is engaged. I've had some excellent 'Braxton Hicks' contractions recently and the baby is very active, especially in the evening. My babies are always active right up until the start of labour! Blood pressure is perfect and I'm not even feeling tired, more like energized!

Today - another good sign, another episode of furious nesting. Cleaning out not only my fridge but also the freezer compartment which I admit, I often neglect but not today! Every crevice, every seal, every basket and shelf was wiped down, sanitized and all my packs of frozen banana reorganized - it has been so hot here, the bananas are ripening quicker than we can eat them, so its all into the freezer for banana cakes and delicious smoothies this summer!

In the afternoon, it was onto more Christmas decorating. Wrapping a few presents and embellishing them with ribbons, silk leaves and flowers to place under my Christmas tree. I also decorated the fireplace as I wanted to take some photos for a post at my Christmas blog. As I wrote up the post and began uploading the photos, I started to feel 'crampy' - the onset of labour 'crampy' which I am still experiencing as I type up this post! It did occur to me that I could go into labour when blogging, as there are so many posts I wanted to do before the baby arrived! Could this baby be on its way - maybe tonight? Tomorrow? Later this week? I will keep you posted and if you do not hear from me, you could probably suspect that I am in established labour.

I would appreciate your prayers at this moment but right now I'm signing off and going to go and pack a bag just in case. If you do not hear from me, pop over to 'Christmas at Eden', if you have not already, and enjoy visiting some corners of my Christmas home - I am so pleased I prepared early!

With Love and Joy,


Suzanne said...

Oooh cute belly..LOL! I am putting you in my prayer journal right now:-)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Ann~
WOW so exciting! I bet you are in labor!~
Blessings to you!

I can hardly wait to see? BOY or girl? What name you chose the whole bit!

Merry Christmas~
Remember to relax.....breath and go with your body not against it! Don't fight it~
When you think you can't do it any longer you are almost done!


Fruitful Harvest said...

Oh Ann I forgot to tell you I love the shirt you have on! Very pretty!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

It Seems your instinct and body may have been leading you all along.
Your early preps have been amazing!
Look forward to hearing the News of Babes arrival.
All the best,Thoughts andPrayers with you.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I'm still here! I had some seriously good cramps yesterday and a few more twinges during the night and today but they are not contractions yet so I am not in labour! My body is certainly preparing though. I was hoping for a few days more and have a few plans for today - clean and set up the basinette, I need to clean my oven but I would rather wrap a few more gifts and make gingerbread! I also have to take my children to town for tennis and Mandarin lessons - not the town where the hospital is. Last time when I went to town at 38 weeks my waters broke just as I was making a purchase in a bookshop ( a trickle rather than a gush thank goodness!) Surely it can't happen twice!

Renata said...

Ann I will definitely keep praying for you! You look beautiful there - I just love your outfit!
I read your comment - my labours tended to start with waters breaking as well, so it's always a little scary going out around that time! Looking forward to "meeting" your precious bub. Look after yourself & I hope you get those gifts wrapped, gingerbread made & cleaning done, but more importantly I pray you have a happy, healthy delivery of your precious bundle!
Prayers heading your way
Renata :)

Joolz said...

Hi Ann

Wow you are organised and cool, calm & collected. It was always my biggest fear to have my waters break while shopping in Woolworths or the Post Office. Luckily it never happened and I have never seen anyone else have it happen either...only in the movies, eh?
Blessings to you and your family as you await this new baby - how exciting! My nephew's wife if due any day too so we will have a baby for Christmas also. Will keep popping in for news of the arrival.

Cheers - Joolz

Beth said...

I am so excited for you! I am also a little bit jealous! I would love to have another baby...just as my sons' wives are having their babies! That's what it is like to be a fairly young grandma...I want those babies!!
I am really considering adoption, so is my husband, that is a good thing since it is unlikely that I could adopt without him! hehe!
I will be praying for you all the way over there in the heat and very pregnant!
It is cold and wet here in Indiana. Yesterday we had snow!
Love in Christ,

Chookie said...

Oooh, oooh! I doubt you'll hold out till the 20th! Best wishes for the labour and delivery.

I'm a December baby and it's always nice when people ask me what star sign I am: I say, "Star of Bethlehem!"

Anonymous said...

Will be praying for you. Looking forward to hearing the news.How nice to have a December baby. I was born on Boxing day with my twin sister and my son on the 29th.God Bless, Angela

Farming On Faith said...

Dearest Ann~
Iam assuming you must have had your baby or very close. I am covering you in prayer!

SF said...

This is such a beautiful post Ann - such a picture of you, happy in your home, joyful and waiting for this precious new baby to arrive! :) I love the pictures and also your outfit- but would love to see one of you and your baby once he/she arrives, your face and all. :) I feel like I know you in real life but if I ever met you I wouldn't recognise you because I've never seen your face!
Anyway, I'm still praying. Hoping all goes beautifully with the birth. Thank you for your lovely Christmas blog, it too is so inspiring!
Love Saminda xo


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