Wednesday, December 2, 2009

'Caravan Chic' A Teen's Caravan Renovation Project - Update

My daughter the designer!

This post has proved to be one of my most popular at eightacresofeden and my daughter has been thrilled to receive so many compliments from family and friends on Facebook and is very surprised at the number of visits it is receiving via her mum's blog. People who are considering renovating a caravan or transforming a caravan into a teenager's bedroom or retreat are coming across this page. When I checked why this post was so popular and typed in 'caravan renovation' on Google I was amazed - lo and behold on the first page and in eighth position was my daughter's caravan!

At her recent birthday party she was inundated with requests to 'see the caravan'. It has been so affirming for her to receive so many compliments for all the effort she put into this project, such a reward for all her hard work - so if you left a comment at my blog - thank you!

She is really enjoying the fruits of her labour and was blessed with so many lovely gifts from her friends on her birthday - most were for her caravan/bedroom, carefully selected with her design preferences and favourite colours taken into account!

She continues to add finishing touches to the decor - this is a glimpse of the bevelled edge mirror that now graces the wall above her dressing table. She is giving consideration to her study area and has been searching for a purple desk chair - not easy to find unless you are prepared to pay for custom made. I am happy to report that her quest to find a desk lamp in the appropriate shade is almost over. It was just perfect timing when I was contacted by an online home wares company and asked if I would consider reviewing one of their products at this blog. They specialize in furniture and lighting and as we browsed their comprehensive website my daughter was excited to spot a desk lamp which comes in a very desirable shade of pink which she thinks would be perfect for her desk/study area.

In the next 'Caravan Chic' update we will share our review of the desk lamp. Good lighting is an essential component of the design process, especially for student desks and study areas.

If you have not yet been on a tour of the caravan, check it out at the original post, especially the 'before and after' shots ( at my archives for October 2009) - it is quite a transformation. I still can't believe that before my husband recognized its potential for a renovation/rescue and my daughter set to work and started demolishing, decorating and designing, that I wanted to tow it to the local dump! Her passion for design is growing - she is starting to research interior design courses via distance ed. She is also requesting trips into town - not to visit the mall but her father's favourite store, she wants to look at decking and purchase some frangipani plants. The outdoor area awaits its transformation!

With Love and Joy,


Niki Jones said...

Hi Ann, I have been thinking of you alot lately with the approaching arrival of your beautiful bub. Thanks for your lovely long email.
Sorry I haven't got back to you as yet.
Beautiful names by the way.
I wish you all the joy in the world in the coming weeks.
Good Luck

Renata said...

Hi Ann
Your daughter has done a wonderful job on that renovation & deserves every bit of praise she is receiving. It's wonderful that it's made her think about interior designing. Glad you could find a lamp to match. I won a giveaway for a rug from Buysterrugs & am waiting for it's arrival. Thought I'd do a post when it arrives. If it's good I have a few other things I've been wanting to purchase & found on their site.
Hope you have a lovely day!
Renata :)

Farming On Faith said...

Hello Ann~
We are doing well. I just want you to know we are praying for you and your sweet baby. I hope it is soon. Boston is doing very well and we are having the best time with him. I just caught up on your blog. I so enjoyed seeing your pictures! Talk with you soon!

Beth said...

That is so wonderful! I think your daughter did an awesome job! I'd LOVE to allow our daughter to have our little "caravan" (we call them campers here in the States) but we are afraid the thing would blow away in a tornado even if it were tied down and we are soon going to get yelled at by our neighborhood covenants because we really aren't allowed to store it here!! We have to move it somewhere else! RATS! That was a nice little escape for me!
Have a lovely day and I can't wait to read that you have had your little bundle of joy!!!!!

Fruitful Harvest said...

Hi Ann~
That is so nice!
What a fun project for your daughter!

I will keep you in my prayers as your BIG day is coming soon! I'm so excited!


Anonymous said...

How exciting to do have a girl room make over going on! Boys are fun to do - but a girl one - oh my! You are indeed blessed!

Anonymous said...

HELLO ANN,We have a lease on an old caravan at a beautiful beachside in sunny Northland, New Zealand. It needs renovating badly and I came into this site to get ideas. I am leaving your site with millions of them, all thanks to your daughter wanting to do up a dingy old caravan like the one we have. It cannot be moved because of a large protected native tree which we have built a balcony around. Never thought of polystyrene boxes for insulation. Good luck for renovation to the outside. We used velcroe on black net for those mossies which we have an abundance of in summer time here. We glued velcroe to the sides of the window ledges and velcro on the netting and we can take if off to let breeze in when the mossies take off. My husband built a big deck outside and it gives us extra space for bbq and a lounge suite to enjoy the summer dayz. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Sunnydayz-Northland New Zealand. (PS We are just across the creek from Aussie - home of the All Blacks and Silver Ferns and for a few years, the prestigious Americas Cup for sailing)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Sunnydayz - so glad you have come way with lots of ideas for your caravan. We are coming 'home' to New Zealand for a holiday in Feb, staying at my husband's parent's home on the Coromandel. Looking forward to spending time at the beach, having fresh fish for dinner every night and introducing the younger children to Hokey Pokey ice cream!


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