Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby's First Christmas 2009

One week ago, on Christmas Eve I brought home a very special gift to my family - a beautiful baby boy. As I write this post he is sleeping peacefully - I could watch him all day! He will be waking up soon, as dinnertime approaches and he is always awake at mealtimes - he is a very sociable, alert baby who is always looking around, listening, so interested in everything that is going on in this busy family home!

I might add that 'no crying he makes' but this is not true - he cried after experiencing his first bath. He does not cry that much at all but he is very communicative! He gurgles in response when you talk to him and lets you know he is ready for a feed - he was born an expert and I can already see him putting on weight, he is thriving on nature's gift of mother's milk and the oxytocin is helping his mum relax, it also makes me very sleepy in the evening!

I wanted his first bath to be at home, not have to join the queue for the baby baths in the maternity unit which was very busy. So I just 'topped and tailed' him in my own room - what a blessing that was, I had my own room - they are hard to come by, you either have to be having twins or be a private patient to be allocated a single room at the hospital but one was available and I was very grateful. My room also looked out onto a courtyard with trees that happened to be in full blossom, I opened the blinds each morning to look out on to this lovely sight - it was these little reminders that God was with me, even in the hospital, watching over me and my baby. I was so happy to come home though and returning on Christmas Eve to be 'home for Christmas' felt very special. I realize I entitled my first Christmas post for this year 'I'll be home for Christmas', that is almost as prophetic as the 'Delivery before Christmas ' headline I unwittingly used in a previous post!

The round vanity basins in our family bathroom are perfect for bathing a small baby - the taps swivel away too. Who needs to fetch water to fill a plastic bath when you can use what you already have. Last evening he also enjoyed a relaxing bath with his mum in our deep, claw foot bath. He did not cry on this occasion!

And so Christmas day arrived. Here are some of the family moments from our very special Christmas 2009.

In the morning after opening presents, my husband and I had to head back to the hospital for a third blood test for our baby to check his bilirubin levels due to a positive Combs test and blood incompatibility issues. The paediatrician had called us on Christmas Eve to ask to come in the next day for which he offered a thousand apologies - he was one of the nicest doctors I have ever met and as our baby boy was a lovely, healthy shade of pink I was confident that jaundice would not be an issue. (The doctor later rang us with the good news - the levels had dropped and jaundice would be unlikely to develop!) I left the food preparations for Christmas lunch in the capable hands of my teenage daughter. We arrived home before lunchtime and I relished the opportunity to set my Christmas table!

Here is a glimpse! This is my place setting. This year I used a silvery gray tablecloth rather than white - a much more sensible choice when you have young children. It worked so well with my colour scheme for this year and was very suited to a Christmas celebration on a hot, humid day.

This is my Christmas table centre piece. The silvery glass dove is held in place on the hurricane lamp with a dab of blu-tac. It was a last minute inspiration to add this finishing touch!

This is the food we enjoyed for dinner. The lamb had been marinated overnight in a mango sauce, honey, olive oil and fresh mint were added together with chopped raw macadamias for a crunchy, delicious coating. I added diced mango and red onions to this mix the next day to make a fresh mango salsa. The lamb was cooked slowly and watched over by my daughter on Christmas morning. As a result it was beautifully tender and accompanied by roasted potatoes and kumara (sweet potato) which co ordinated well with the orange of the mango salsa! I also made a big salad - the zucchini and cherry tomatoes were picked fresh from the garden.

My daughter also made a chocolate, mocha pudding to go with the ice cream Christmas cake made the evening before, embellished with chocolate sticks in a lattice work pattern and fresh strawberries - which did not last long enough for me to take a photograph, as by this time, our new son was also requesting his Christmas meal!

The chief and assistant cooks - my chief cook has just produced the most amazing profiterole dessert using a recipe from her new cook book, a Christmas present deliberately chosen for its sumptuous looking desserts! It is going to be dessert for this evening and I am going to take a picture to show you in a future post. The assistant cook made the gingerbread this year, enjoyed on Christmas Eve. Notice how the girls dresses match their crackers - this was not intentional!

The twins were very excited about this Christmas and have fallen in love with their new brother. They received dolls but have played more with their $2 jigsaw puzzles from Big W! They are the 'puzzle twins' and I thought 100 pieces would challenge them - wrong! They also like the Bindi Irwin doll which big brother bought for one of them - Bindi talks and I swear, if I hear 'Crocs rule' or 'Extinct stinks' one more time today - I will scream - no, that is not really true, the oxytocin is chilling me out! It takes a lot to upset this mummy at the moment!

I now have three handsome boys just to even things out. This 'boy' will be 18 next year. He was my first born and the resemblance between him and his new baby brother I cannot ignore.They were identical weights at 6lbs 12oz!

Another of my December babies. This is my fourth born and he celebrated his tenth birthday on 16Th December, just six days before his new brother arrived. He will be eventually sharing a room with his new brother and is making the most of being able to construct Lego models in there before his mother bans all the small stuff from the floor - marbles will be confiscated - he understands this now!

I could not resist showing you this photo - this is me, one week after having a baby. I'm sorry this is true, I can wear jeans again! I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I will be taking my baby with me everywhere I go, to prove I actually had a baby! This is just what happens to me!
But I will not be leaving home that often, my van is off the road and I'm confined to barracks but there is no place I would rather be - than at home enjoying these first precious weeks with my beautiful baby boy!

With Love and Joy and Tonnes of Oxytocin!



Joolz said...

Hello Ann

All is bright, all is calm - I enjoyed your peaceful post, showing your family Christmas Day and your table put mine to shame. It's lovely. We had a crowd of people and I barely had time to put down paper plates, serviettes and cutlery. No centrepieces in sight! More important are the people around us, isn't that right?

Cheers - Joolz

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ann You seriously make me want another Baby!
My Kids would love it as would I,But Daddy would take some convincing!
I love that chilled out feeling that comes with feeding...ahhhhh Natures High!
Your home looks and sounds extreamly calm considering there is many of you.
We had My Sister and her 7 on Christmas day,Lots of Cousins for the kids to play with.
Your Little man is very handsome indeed,As are your bigger lads.
You sure breed cuties!

SF said...

Oh Ann, I am SO happy for you!!!! He is just beautiful, as are all your children - and I really loved getting to see a little more of them in this post. What blessings. :)

I just cannot believe the way God takes care of the timing of things - for you to be in and out of hospital, have a positive experience, have a nice outlook from your own hospital room, AND be home on Christmas Eve - He just knows us so well doesn't He?!?

I love the name you chose also. Enjoy these precious days/weeks with him, they will fly by all too quickly. :) xoxo

Erin said...



So very pleased to hear all went well.

Deo Gratius{{}}

Farming On Faith said...

OH Ann I love this post! It was so wonderful to see your family. Your feast looked wonderful. It mad we want to sit down and eat!
I am so happy baby is doing so well. I had no doubt.
Happy New Year Friend!

Jen said...

Thank you for allowing us to meet your family.

Enjoy your baby! In fact I tell lots of new mums that but I am sure you won't give me the strange look I get most times. You understand the gift that they are!

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

montreal florist said...

Wow! What a beautiful candle it is!! Every elements are really gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Your new baby boy is beautiful as is the rest of your family :)As for your post partum body... I'm jealous ... You look great! :o) Have a Happy New Year!

Chookie said...

Is it prolactin or oxytocin that makes us sleepy? At any rate, I still get sleepy after BFing my 4yo. Enjoy your new blessing from God -- it's great that you were home for Christmas!

Renata said...

He is just so cute!!! Makes me very clucky!
Your christmas table looked beautiful! The centrepiece was exquisite! You are so blessed to loose all the baby weight quickly - I was always still in maternity clothes until 6 weeks after (sigh). You do look amazing!
I always enjoy reading about your family - what a lovely bunch they all are!
Enjoy the rest of your evening!
Renata :)


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