Thursday, August 13, 2009

Embellishing an Easel

This make-over project was easy as ABC, as simple as child's play and my 3 year old twins are thrilled with their 'new' chalkboard, magnetic whiteboard and painting easel which will provide them with hours of creative fun and learning.
We have had this child's easel for a number of years and it was in a bit of a sorry state after being stored under the house. It was unpainted and stained from greasy fingers but still sturdy. My home is painted throughout, every wall and every French door, in this shade of white - Dulux's Antique White USA- I love it! - and it seemed appropriate to continue my obsession and complement my home by painting the easel in the same shade plus we had leftover paint and why go out and spend money for a different colour! I gave it three coats but just left white it looked a little stark. I found this gorgeous chipboard alphabet set in pastel shades in a discount store (Crazy Clarks) for $4 and attached them with craft glue to the frame. The girls have a set of plastic magnetic letters and are learning their ABCs at the moment. I'm thinking of buying some more letters to attach to the other side to spell out their names.
So if you have an old chalkboard lying around why not liven it up. You can paint it whatever colour you wish and use your imagination to decorate the frame, so many discount stores sell wooden embellishments ... I'm seeing boards with butterflies, flowers, clowns, cars, animals, teddies - just choose something which will delight your child!
I see child's' easels and chalkboards at garage sales all the time often for less than $5, many are paint splattered so would be ideal to make-over. Don't pay $60 at the store for a plain wooden one- embellish an old easel, save money and create something unique!

P.S This would make a great Christmas present for a child! Add in some chalks, paints and magnets for stocking fillers and you have a gift which will nurture their creativity for years to come! I hope to share some more ideas soon for alternatives to toys for Christmas and show you simple gifts and 'kits for kids' as I call them, that will educate rather than simply entertain - gifts for all the budding artists, cooks, gardeners, collectors, animal lovers and more that we are raising!

With love and Joy,

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Farming On Faith said...

It turned out wonderful. It is amazing what a bit of paint can do!
Have a wonderful day!


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