Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Gift from Heaven Baby Seven

I'm in seventh heaven and thrilled to share the news that our Heavenly Father has chosen to bless our family again with another baby - due in early December! We have been holding on to this news for a while but it was becoming hard to hide the obvious 'sweet little bump' which popped out early. My children thought I was getting fat from spending too much time at the computer and called it 'blogitis'... they laughed so much when we told them it was a baby and not blogging which was causing mum to put on weight!
For a while, we were having suspicions of another set of twins but on the morning of my scan (last Friday) I had a strong heart conviction that this was just one baby and the scan confirmed this and revealed that my assumption on the baby's gender was also correct but I'm keeping that a secret ... will it be a boy or girl? I have lot of girl's clothes, sweet little dresses and 'pretty in pink' cardigans but I have also kept a few little boy treasures such as these cute little shoes worn by my first son when he was a tiny baby, he now has size 11 feet!
I also kept all of my nursery furniture purchased for the twins.... a cot and matching change table, front and backpacks and my 'phil and ted's' most excellent pram which people used to stop me on the street and ask me about, now I see them everywhere! Kiwi ingenuity sells!

I have started nesting early with an insatiable urge to clean where I usually prefer not to go... under the DVD unit in my living room for example, which replenished my son's lego collection and refilled the box of blocks! I reorganised our home office and library, moving the desk to be under the window. I now have a beautiful outlook; from my desk I look out on to the forest, the camellias are in flower, honeyeaters are visiting to extract the sweet nectar... just outside the window. The sun also streams in and you cannot see the computer screen during the late afternoon.. the very time I go online! A blind is needed!

Something else every mother to be needs, is a pair of comfortable shoes. I'm in love with my new leather pumps. I found these cuties which are so me, in a shop on the Gold Coast. They were on sale for $50 reduced from $180. I love a bargain!

I have been blessed with a good pregnancy- some mild nausea at the start, a few headaches (mild) and a little acid reflux. I have felt good.... energetic even and I am just enjoying this time as I start to consider my options for the birth. I still miss New Zealand's system of maternity care and wish Australia would catch up. Having my own qualified midwife who visited me at home and provided all my ante-natal care made my life so much easier.. no trips to the clinic, even for blood tests. Knowing who would be with me in labour and there at the delivery gave me extra reassurance as I prepared for my home births ... I had two of my children at home and I'd love to have another baby at home. Knowing all is well and that it is not twins this time, means this is a possibility but it costs money and there are only a few qualified midwives who offer homebirth in this region.

Our double blessing in December 2005
Our precious twin girls

I will let you know what we decide to do and I'll share some of my prevous birth stories, each different, each unique, each special. Whatever lies ahead, I am sure of this one thing... God will be with me. I have experienced His awesome presence and His sweet peace during each birth experience. He attended me in hospital and He visited me at home. He knows how much I love the Christmas season and has chosen to bless me with three babies born during the month of December. My fourth child, a son was born in the week before Christmas and my twin girls arrived on the first day of December almost four years ago. Once again I have a due date which falls in the Christmas season. What a special Christmas it is going to be.... I will need to have my home ready in November but I do not mind. I just love preparing for Christmas. I love Christmas so much, it holds a special place in my heart. I am the girl who chose to get married on a cold December day in London. My bridesmaids wore burgundy satin dresses and I had holly and ivy in my bouquet!

The tiny babies who shared a cot are growing up. Last Christmas they were 3 years old when they stood by the tree. This year they will receive a very special gift they will have to share!

Not only does our family have extra cause for celebration this Christmas time, my husband and I also celebrate 20 years of marriage! What a Christmas gift! What a gift for our anniversary! I'm overjoyed and yes I am in seventh heaven! A mother of seven.... really feels like we are entering 'quiverfull' territory and I await the response of others. We are the biggest family at church.... will we become pointed out as 'the family with seven children'? I say this because when we lived in NZ and moved to the South Island to go dairy farming we started attending a church where there was a lady with seven children. We only had three children then but people kept telling me about this lady in the church with seven... (emphasis on the seven)... children. And then I met her... she was youthful, vibrant, friendly just full of life and so was her husband. I can remember thinking ' If this is what having seven children looks like ... well I wouldn't mind having seven'.... and here I am expecting our seventh child!
I look forward to sharing this journey with you. It has been so lovely to meet others who cherish family as we do. Enjoy your children when they are babies, when they are toddlers and as they grow... for they do grow quickly and this time passes by. I am in no hurry to give away the baby clothes or the nursery furniture (and so pleased I didn't). I'm happy to have more handprints on the window panes and a high chair at the table. Our olive plants around our table and I thank God for fulfilling the promises of His Word in Psalm 128.

Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine in the very heart of your house, your children like olive plants All around your table. Behold, thus shall the man be blessed Who fears the Lord.


Jen said...

Congratulations! I would love to have a bigger family but at the moment juggling my 4 boys is just enough for me. My husband has been out of work for a while so for us finances are also a consideration.

Enjoy your pregnancy. I hope to follow along. I am still poring over your older posts and am becoming inspired to do more for the health of my family.

Best wishes
Jen in NSW

SF said...

How wonderful Ann!!! This is such beautiful news- nothing is more precious than the anticipation of a new baby! :) And at Christmas time- that is just so wonderful. Blessings to your family!
Saminda xo

Renata said...

Ann, CONGRATULATIONS!!! What exciting news! I always wanted 7 children!!! Looking forward to sharing your journey & the birth of this precious little one. Glad you are feeling OK & into the nesting already!!
I'm guessing a girl...OK I have no idea!LOL

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Ann....Wow! Such great news.
I never tire of hearing of a Pregnancy announcement!
I love Rounded Baby full tummies too!
I have my three and would go one more but doubtful it will be the case.
I soooo look forward to following along your journey.
It sounds that this bub will be welcomed into a loving opened armed family!
Hmmm....Will there ever be a 8th?
My Sister has seven too,Her Hubby was one of 15!
Now that I do find Unimaginable.
I have Limitations.
All My Love and congrats extended to you and yours Ann.
Enjoy each precious Moment.
P.s Sorry for the Long Comment!

Chookie said...

God bless you and this new little one with good health and a safe delivery!

Tracy said...

I'm not sure where you are, but I know a midwife/dr that may be easier on your budget. Please contact me if you would like more info.
Many Blessings,

Dalinz said...

Congratulations Ann, I am soooo happy for you, your hubby and family. What a wonderful time in your life... Enjoy every moment... as I know you will. God bless you and your growing baby.

Cheers Damaris

Becca said...

Congratulations. I'm glad to hear you aren't that sick with yours. It's hard to cope with the other little ones when you're struggling all day everyday with nausea. Our no.7 is due at the end of January. Yes after a few babies the tummy does just pop out doesn't it. I have no problem losing the weight after each pregnancy but it doesn't matter how thin I am by about 6 weeks I'm already starting to get the pregnancy tummy. There's a hospital near us that I would like to have this baby at, they were really great when I had my 5th there, but no.7 is classed as high risk and this hospital isn't equipped to deal with that, it doesn't matter that I haven't had a problem with any of my deliveries. I look forward to reading some of your birth stories.
Congratulations again.

Rebecca in Tassie said...

Oh, congratulations!! Our heavenly Father is the giver of SUCH good gifts!! I am a new mother of 7 - our newest little one is 4 days old - being a Mummy of many is just THE most wonderful blessing!! All my births have been different; some homebirth, some Birth Centre, some Delivery Suite - but this one thing remains - the Lord has been with us in every setting, bringing each little one forth from the womb in His timimg, for His glory ...
May He bless you abundantly ...


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