Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Perfect Day

Mother's Day 2009 and sunshine was streaming in through the windows, a perfect day to go to the beach. We may live in a forest but we also live close to some beautiful beaches... we can choose from so many idyllic spots, it is sometimes hard to decide! As it was a special day we decided to drive further down the coast to a beach we had not yet visited. Everyone was excited, even my eldest son, as he knew this was a good surf beach. The surf boards were strapped onto the roof of the van, a picnic lunch prepared, but before we could head off a Mother's Day tradition had to be honoured! Breakfast in bed for mum of course. I enjoyed a plunger of my favourite chocolate macadamia coffee and crusty toasted sourdough bread with apricot preserves and delighted in the gifts and handmade cards my children brought to my room. My eldest daughter knows my taste well and my love of beautiful home wares. She bought me this gorgeous set of herb planters which coordinate so well with my Willow Tree Angels. I will pot up some herbs to place in them soon.

And there's more.... my gifts all came packed in a new handbag in my favourite colour green. A music CD from my son and my favourite sweet treat, a Terry's Chocolate Orange. My husband also bought me some gorgeous body lotions scented with frangipani and coconut oil. I was thoroughly spoilt! As I considered the blessings of my life.... my loving family who overwhelmed me with such generosity, I realized that God has bestowed upon me so many blessings and He thoroughly spoils me too! He has surrounded me with my favourite colour - green, the most restful of all the colours! We live in a valley which is always green; from every window, every doorway of my home I look out onto green. I will share some more photos at the end of this post of the views I enjoy every day!

On this day we were to be treated to some more glorious scenery from God' s portfolio. This is one view of the beach we arrived at. The surfers were already waiting to catch the waves.

My eldest daughter also loves to surf, both she and her brother have had quite a number of lessons from a former World Pro surfer. This has given them a lot of confidence in the water, helped them to understand the conditions and also given me an added sense of security. The waves were not too big on this day but they relished the opportunity to get out.

The younger children also took to the waves closer to the beach of course and they had a wonderful time. The twins love to take out their boards and try to copy their sister by attempting to surf!

When everyone finally came out of the water it was lunchtime and we sat down together to enjoy a picnic - croissants, salad, cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, organic orange juice and for dessert, peppermint cheesecake made by my daughter for a Mother's Day treat. She also cooked dinner that evening. As we finished our picnic the clouds were starting to form and it was getting chilly. This was not a summer's day but late autumn! We would never had considered a day at the beach at this time of year when we lived in New Zealand. Australia has so many bonuses!
On the way home we stopped at a nursery and found very reasonably priced plants. We bought a pink dragonfruit, we already have a yellow one. This has to be one of the ugliest plants in my garden, resembles a deformed cactus but I have tasted the fruit and cannot wait for ours to start bearing its luscious fruit.

We had left behind the blue and the gold of the coast and half an hour later we were home. My heart always skips a beat when we reach our section of road, the road narrows and fields of green are replaced by trees and ferns. And on this forested section of road is our home tucked away among the trees, our eight acres of eden. My sanctuary, the place I love more than any other. This is the view from the kitchen door.

Of course, green is always a perfect backdrop for another photo to commemorate Mother's Day!
I hope that your Mother's Day was as perfect as mine.
Until next time,
With love and joy,


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

I love green...
And have you ever noticed Particularly in bush settings how many shades of green there are! Amazing!
Your day and endless yummy menu sound great!
Peppermint cheesecake! Agh! Be still my heart!
Blessed you most certainly are,As you should be!
Enjoy your Kids

Rhonda Jean said...

Hello Ann! Your patch is really something. Is that the beach at Eden? We do live in a wonderful country, don't we. I enjoyed my visit. :- )


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