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A Simply Sweet Handmade Gift for Easter

As most people realize, when it comes to Easter eggs, you are paying for the packaging, lots of cardboard and not a lot of chocolate! You could buy a slab of chocolate but children (and adults) still like to receive something special at Easter. This is a simple but stylish idea for an Easter gift that can also be used to dress up your table on Easter Sunday. I have called them 'Easter cones' and have created three versions of the same idea.

For the first, I used pretty card that I had saved from the boxes of two standard 6'x4' photo frames I had purchased at Target. I love it when manufacturers use lovely packaging that is not emblazoned with logos, it means it can be reused and recycled. I'll probably reuse the card again to make pretty gift tags. The green paper in a similar design came from a catalogue.

It's so easy, a child can follow these instructions.

1. Roll up the card into a cone shape - about the size of a waffle ice cream cone. Glue or tape into place. (I used a good craft glue.)

2.Roll up some cellophane into a cone shape to fit inside the cardboard cone and tape to secure at the bottom. The cellophane sheet should be taller than the card to allow for filling and gathering.

3. Fill with whatever goodies you desire - small wrapped chocolate eggs or chocolates, handmade biscuits (biscotti works well). If you want an alternative to chocolate or sugar-laden treats at Easter, consider little gifts such as soaps, scented candles or for those who like to take tea - their favourite tea and maybe a vintage spoon to add to their collection. Use your imagination, whatever you can fit into the cone.

4. Gather up the cellophane and tie off with a co ordinating ribbon. The silver ribbon I used on some of the cones was tied around the picture frame boxes. An extra bonus!... the frames were gorgeous too and on sale for $10.

5. Finally, add a finishing touch. I glued on a silver dragonfly embellishment and used adhesive silver letters to add names to the ribbon. You could make name tags and use the cones at place settings.

The second version is really lovely and will appeal to those who love vintage style. I used vintage lace hankies that I found at a garage sale for 50 cents each. I used a small cardboard cone inside the hankie to give it some shape and to secure the cone I pinned on heirloom brooches - costume jewellery that belonged to my daughter's great grandmother, so I'm not giving these away! I use them for 'styling'; at Christmas I used these same brooches to add sparkle to gifts under the tree. Look out for costume jewellery at garage/yard sales and in thrift/op shops. The tea time gift works well with the vintage hankies. Of course you could use men's hankies for a masculine gift or bright vintage children's hankies. If you don't have hankies you could use fabric but with hankies there is no cutting or sewing involved!

I haven't forgotten the children! I created this pair of colourful cones for my twin girls. I used bright scrapbook square sheets and rolled them into a cone to hold a set of crayons, crumple up tissue paper to place in the bottom of the cone so that the gifts don't fall to the bottom. I also popped in an Easter chicken (I'm over bunnies and rabbits don't lay eggs!) The finishing touch for these is a chocolate ladybird. I found my chickens and ladybirds at Aldi. I have some left over so we'll use these for an Easter hunt in the garden; the ladybirds will look sweet on plants!

So there you have it 'Easter cones' or 'cornucopias' but cone is easier to say! You can adapt this idea for any occasion - they make excellent party favours for children's birthdays. Don't forget to personalize the cone for the recipient. You could use sheet music for a musician, maps for a traveller; for a bookworm, photocopy a cover of a favourite author to make a unique book voucher holder, think beyond the card!

It really is these little personal touches that say so much. It may take a little time, a little thought, a little effort; it's easy to go and pick an Easter egg off the shelf (not so easy on the pocket) but in making something special for your family and friends this Easter you convey that you cared enough to create something unique, especially for them, and in doing so you will find pleasure, not only in the making but in the giving and in the joy when the gift is received.

With love and joy,

P.S If you use this idea I'd love to hear from you or to find out what you create for an alternative to commercial packaged eggs at Easter.

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A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Gorgeous ideas yet again Ann.
Pop by soon as I will show some Eastery goodies we made for a Easter swap parcel.
Was very fun for my Three kids.
Are'nt those ladybugs just gorgeous!!


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